Yueqin (Pinyin: yuè qín), a plucked musical instrument of the Han nationality, originated in the Han Dynasty. It has been spread in China, Japan, the Korean Peninsula, and Vietnam. It is also spread in China and Vietnam. The early Yueqin had a long neck and generally had about twelve frets. In the Qing Dynasty, the short-necked Yueqin with the eighth rank or so appeared, which is easy to play in the high-pitched area, and is often used for the accompaniment of opera. After the development and improvement of Ruan in the 1950s, Yueqin usually refers to the short-necked Yueqin in mainland China.


  • Chinese name:Yueqin
  • traceable history:Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty (140 BC - 87 BC)
  • origin:Yueqin originated from Ruan
  • main position:One of the three accompaniment instruments of the Peking Opera Band
  • basic form:The speaker is full circle and the neck is short
Yueqin can be played in people's lives to relieve sorrow and boredom, and to play red events and festive occasions. The Yueqin can be played not only by men, but also by women and children. The Yueqin has become an important musical instrument for the folk entertainment of the Yi people.
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Yueqin is a musical instrument evolved from Ruan. At that time, it was similar to Ruan, but it gradually changed. In the Qing Dynasty, the Yueqin was completely different from Ruan. Compared with Ruan, it was simplified, with a shorter stem and a full round speaker.
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Yueqin, a traditional Chinese plucked musical instrument, has a round speaker and a short neck. The total length is 62, and the diameter of the speaker is 36.3 cm. The neck and speaker frame are made of mahogany and red sandalwood, and the frame is made of six pieces of wood with the same specifications. Top and back in tungsten wood. The box has two built-in sound beams and two sound columns. Four axes, four strings, every two strings are in the same tone, and they are tuned in fifths. There are eight or nine frets on the neck and top.
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The most famous Yueqin solo piece in Taiwan in the early years is the Yueqin piece of the Yi nationality, "Fujian Diao", which was composed by Li Yongnian, a Yueqin performer of the Bai nationality in Yunnan.
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Feng Mantian (March 13, 1963-), graduated from Harbin Normal University, a famous Chinese musician, Master Zhongruan, and Yueqin performer.
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Feng Shaoxian, a Yueqin player. Born in December 1939 in a primary school teacher's family in Hailun County, Heilongjiang Province. Heilongjiang Song and Dance Theater Yueqin performer. National first-class performer, member of China Musicians Association, director of China National Orchestra Association, vice chairman of Heilongjiang Musicians Association, vice chairman of Heilongjiang National Orchestra Association.
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Siyue Shangxian is an up-master of the music area of station B. Currently, there are 8051 fans. His videos are mainly composed of Yueqin renditions, spanning traditional Chinese famous songs, Peking Opera music and so on. ] Ode to Pear Blossoms, etc.
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China's national musical instruments have a long history and a long history. Common ones include qin, zheng, xiao, flute, sheng, erhu, pipa, suona, and drum. They are one of the representatives of China's excellent traditional culture.
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The times advance together, and the people share. Recently, Ebian Yi Autonomous County held the 2022 "Cultural and Natural Heritage Day" intangible cultural heritage publicity and display activities.
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What is the difference between Yueqin and Liuqin? Is there a big difference?
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Taiwan Yueqin has a long neck, and the speakers are round wooden, occasionally hexagonal or octagonal. In Taiwan, the panel is often made of Taiwan paulownia (Taiwanese called Wutong, Scrophulariaceae) to play specific tunes (such as Taiwan Hengchun Folk Ballads). The tune "Four Seasons Spring") is tuned with pure 5 degrees.
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In the daily care of the Yueqin, it is necessary to take care of the instrument so that it will not be injured or exposed to dust. In addition, learning to deal with some common problems will also help the maintenance of the piano. Listed below are some common sense for fans to refer to.
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