Introduction of Taiwan Moon Music

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Taiwan Yueqin has a long neck, and the speakers are round wooden, occasionally hexagonal or octagonal. In Taiwan, the panel is often made of Taiwan paulownia (Taiwanese called Wutong, Scrophulariaceae) to play specific tunes (such as Taiwan Hengchun Folk Ballads). The tune "Four Seasons Spring") is tuned with pure 5 degrees.

Introduction of Taiwan Moon Music

In the early days of Taiwan Yueqin, silk strings were used, but now nylon strings are commonly used, and fishing lines are quite popular. It is an important characteristic (characteristic) instrument of Taiwanese opera, song rap, and folk rap. Taiwan shell string (shell son string), Taiwan Daguang string, Taiwan Pinzi (Taiwan flute), Taiwan Yueqin collectively called 4 major pieces in Taiwan.

During the Kuomintang-Communist war, the four major ones were banned by the Kuomintang authorities under Chen Yi's administration. Guangxian is replaced by folk music low hu.

Taiwan's famous Yueqin masters include the late Wang Siming, Wen Hongtu, Chen Da (Pingtung Hengchun, known as "Red Eyed Dazai"), Lu Liuxian (Lu Shiliu), Chen Guanhua, Wu Tianluo and the living Yang Xiuqing, Zhu Dingshun (Pingtung Hengchun) Wait.

The musicians who are good at playing the moon piano include the late Hong Yaojin, the living Jian Jinfa (Jian Rengui, Yilan), Xu Zaitian, Cai Chunan, Yang Jinfeng, Liu Wenliang, Ke Mingfeng, etc.

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Yueqin (Pinyin: yuè qín), a plucked musical instrument of the Han nationality, originated in the Han Dynasty. It has been spread in China, Japan, the Korean Peninsula, and Vietnam. It is also spread in China and Vietnam. The early Yueqin had a long neck and generally had about twelve frets. In the Qing Dynasty, the short-necked Yueqin with the eighth rank or so appeared, which is easy to play in the high-pitched area, and is often used for the accompaniment of opera. After the development and improvement of Ruan in the 1950s, Yueqin usually refers to the short-necked Yueqin in mainland China.

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