Erhu Grade Examination and Performance Grade Repertoire

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Erhu is my country's national musical instrument, known as "the violin of the East", with strong expressiveness and delicate feelings. It is the expression of emotional temperament, and it is a combination of "sound" and "feeling" to reflect the aesthetic feeling of art. China National Musical Instruments Network has compiled a list of repertoires related to the test for you, hoping to help you.

Erhu Grade Examination and Performance Grade Repertoire

Level 1

Pastoral Spring (Chen Zhenduo), Mayila (Wang Luobin Arrangement), Fengyang Flower Drum (Anhui Folk Song), Happy New Year (British Folk Song), Xiao (Han Folk Song), Golden Sun (Tibetan Folk Song);

Level 2

Malan Blossoms (Lei Zhenbang Song), Senji Dema (Inner Mongolia Folk Song), Farewell ([America] Odewei Song), On the Golden Mountain in Beijing (Tibetan Folk Song), Good Jasmine (Jiangsu Folk Song), Embroidered Purse (Northern Shaanxi folk songs);

Level 3

Good Night (Liu Tianhua), Yellow Water Ballad (Xian Xinghai), Inner Mongolia Folk Music (Arranged by Wu Mingxin and Zhang Shao), Small Flower Drum (Liu Beimao), Sword Dance (Classical Dance), Relatives in Hometown ([US] Foss special song);

Level 4

Pulling a Camel (Arranged by Cao Xun), Harvest Prelude Song (Liu Shubing), Happy Harvest (Yang Huilin, Xu Jiangde), Pujiang Waltz (Cao Yuande), Horse Racing (Huang Haihuai, Shen Liqun), Renqin Spring Comes Early (Zhang Bingliao song);

Level 5

Amis Dance (Taiwanese folk song, arranged by Zhou Chenglong), Candle Shadow Shakes Red (Liu Tianhua), Chun Yun (Cao Yuande), There is a Golden Sun in Beijing (Tibetan Folk Song, arranged by Jiang Cairu), Hometown Dream (Liu Fujun), Good Jiangnan (Zheng Hao Nanqu, Guo Minqing with accompaniment);

Level 6

Picking Cotton (arranged by Wang Yongde, accompanied by Cheng Haihua), Moonlit Night (composed by Liu Tianhua), The Train Entering Yijiazhai (Song by Su Hanxing), Huagu Tune (composed by Liu Gongcheng and Li Guangche), Happy Gift of Gongliang (composed by Gu Wuxiang and Meng Jinjin), Mountain Village Changed (Zeng Jiaqing song);

Level 7

Jinzhu Mamizan (Wang Zhulin), Yangguan Sandie (Arranged by Min Huifen, Accompanied by A Kejian), Recalling Relatives by the River of Hongshui (Arranged by Lin Xinming), Chunshi (Zhong Yiliang), Mi Hu Diao (Lu Dian) Arranged by Rirong), Turning Around and Feelings (Li Zuoming);

Level 8

Shandong Xiaoqu (arranged by Yuan Ye and He Huajun), Jiangnan Chunse (Zhu Changyao, Ma Xilin), Ting Song (Hua Yanjun), Elegy (also known as "Difficulty in Life") (Liu Tianhua, Chen Zhenduo's biography), nostalgic Xing (Lu Xiutang), Capriccio on the theme of Qin Opera (arranged by Zhao Zhenxiao, Lu Rirong, Zhang Shao's bow, fingering),

Level 9

Duxian Cao (also known as "Worrying Song") (Liu Tianhua's song), Zhuang Bie (One Flower) (Arranged by Zhang Shiye, Su Anguo's bow and fingering), Lanhuahua Ballade (Guan Ming's song), The Grape Ripe (Zhou Wei's song) ), Henan Xiaoqu (Liu Mingyuan song), Xianju Yin (Liu Tianhua song);

Level 10

Baoyu Crying Spirit (Arranged by Min Huifen), Capriccio on the Theme of Honghu (Arranged by Min Huifen), The Great Wall (Liu Wenjin, main melody score of Erhu Concerto), A's Capriccio (Hu Deng Jumping), Sanmenxia Imagination (Liu Wenjin) ), Reflecting the Moon in Erquan (Hua Yanjun);

Performance level

Han Gong Qiuyue (Ancient Jiang Fengzhi's score), Erhu Concerto No. 2 - Chasing Dreams Jinghua (Guan Zhanzhong), Erhu Rhapsody No. 2 (Wang Jianmin), Tan Music (Sun Wenming, Ru Yi Ji) Score), Erhu Capriccio No. 4 Gobi (Gao Shaoqing), Snow Mountain Soul Sculpture (Liu Wenjin).

Excerpted from the Erhu Grading Composer of the Music Grade Examination Series by Shanghai Musicians Association published in October 2020 (Revised Edition)

Involving musical instruments

Erhu (Pinyin: Erhu) originated in the Tang Dynasty, called "Xiqin", and has a history of more than a thousand years. It is a traditional Chinese stringed instrument. Erhu, or Erxian Huqin, also known as "Nanhu" and "Omzi", is one of the main bowed and stringed instruments (wiping strings) in the Chinese national musical instrument family.

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