Erhu test level requirements

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Erhu test requirements

1. Textbooks: The first, second, third and fourth sets of "National Erhu Performance (Amateur) Grading Test Works" can be used in the grading test. Candidates can either choose a certain level of a certain set of works to take the test, or they can choose to cross the repertoire of the same level of the four sets of works to take the test.

2. Exam content and requirements:

(1) The items marked with "△" in the catalogue are compulsory.

(2) In addition to the required repertoires, candidates must also choose from the following requirements within the prescribed range: 3 self-selected etudes and 1 piece of music for Level 1 and Level 2; In a set of textbooks, the compulsory etudes for Grade 6 are the first and second in the catalogue, and candidates can choose one of them).

(3) Candidates above level 5 (including level 5) will have an additional examination of sight-reading. Sight-reading questions are randomly selected by the examiner from the etudes or pieces of the test-taking work set that are lower than the test-taking level of the candidate.

3. Others: Except for sight-reading repertoire, it must be played from memory. During the examination, the judges may ask candidates to begin or end the performance in any section of the piece.

Erhu test level requirements

Requirements for each level of Erhu test

Level 1 requirements: The pitch of a scale (D, G) is well controlled, the piano, bow, and bow are basically correct, the rhythm is correct, and the sound quality is relaxed.

Level 2 requirements: Playing posture, correct bowing, preliminary mastery of the technique of changing bars, stable pitch control of the upper and middle bars, and good rhythm.

Level 3 requirements: The upper, middle and lower handles can be changed freely, with stable intonation and good rhythm, and preliminary mastery of vibrato and glissando techniques.

Level 4 requirements: Better use of common techniques, short and fast bows are clean, clear, and elastic in sound, slow and long bows are solid in sound quality and mellow in tone, and can play music completely.

Level 5 requirements: good pitch and rhythm control, complete and smooth performance of the music, sure jumping out of the sound, good sound quality, and a certain expressiveness.

Level 6 requirements: Skills such as quick handle changing, jumping handle, and changing strings inside and outside can be applied more freely. With good coordination of both hands, the music performance has a deep expressive power.

Level 7 requirements: Can make good use of various techniques to fully express the music, with no obvious mistakes in pitch and rhythm, beautiful and contagious timbre.

Level 8 Requirements: Able to master all kinds of stylistic music and difficult techniques, perform with depth and expressiveness.

Level 9 Requirements: Skilled use of various techniques, in-depth understanding of traditional repertoire, profound performance, and a good grasp of the charm of various pieces of music.

Level 10 Requirements: Comprehensive skills, good temperament, good mastery of all kinds of music, complete concerto, and a certain artistic appeal.

Note: The first piece of the repertoire above level 5 is a compulsory piece, and the rest are optional pieces.

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Erhu (Pinyin: Erhu) originated in the Tang Dynasty, called "Xiqin", and has a history of more than a thousand years. It is a traditional Chinese stringed instrument. Erhu, or Erxian Huqin, also known as "Nanhu" and "Omzi", is one of the main bowed and stringed instruments (wiping strings) in the Chinese national musical instrument family.

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