How thick should the erhu sound-absorbing pad be?

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How thick should the erhu muffler pad be? Many small partners do not know how to choose the erhu sound filter pad, what thickness is the most suitable, master the following points, and choose the most suitable erhu sound dampening pad.

How thick should the erhu sound-absorbing pad be?

1. The noise of the piano can be thinner, the noise should be thicker, and the thickness should not exceed the height of the piano code

2. The sound filter pad is also called sound pad, control pad or muffler pad. Its main function is to reduce noise and suppress noise, and to adjust the vibration frequency and intensity of the piano skin to achieve a more ideal sound quality effect. It is used for the installation position that is placed under the erhu saddle and inserted between the strings and the piano skin, and is sandwiched by the strings and the piano skin.

3. The sound filter pad is used to adjust the vibration frequency and intensity of the piano skin to achieve a relatively ideal sound quality effect, mainly for noise reduction and noise suppression, suppressing discordant noise, and can solve the "wolf sound" of the erhu and eliminate the empty sound of the erhu. Make it concentrated and plump.

4. Generally, the configurations used in the market are rubber sponge pads, which are recommended to be eliminated. According to my experience, the better materials are woolen cloth, with a thickness of about 3 mm and a length of about 8 cm (specifically according to the piano skin). The tightness can be determined, the loose can be shorter, the tighter can be longer) a strip with a width of 3 cm, and then folded into several layers according to the tightness of the piano skin, about half a centimeter away from the piano code, when the piano skin is tight, you can pad it Tighten it (fold it thicker), when the skin of the piano is loose, the pad should be loose, and the sound will be more transparent.

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Erhu (Pinyin: Erhu) originated in the Tang Dynasty, called "Xiqin", and has a history of more than a thousand years. It is a traditional Chinese stringed instrument. Erhu, or Erxian Huqin, also known as "Nanhu" and "Omzi", is one of the main bowed and stringed instruments (wiping strings) in the Chinese national musical instrument family.

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