The story and legend of the origin of Yueqin

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In a very early time, there was a young man and woman who fell in love with each other, but they could not get married in the secular barriers. So the two invited each other and escaped to live in a deep canyon isolated from the world. There is a mountain spring in this deep canyon. The mountain spring flows down the ditch. The two of them go straight down the river. The spring water falls on a big ridge and falls to the next floor. The two bypass the ridge and come to the ridge. At the bottom, the spring water falls down the ridge like a waterfall, and there is a long beach under the ridge, which is big and round. People call this "hanging beach". The water splashed all over the hanging beach, the sun was falling from the gaps in the leaves, the golden light was shining, and the scenery was very charming. The two stopped to chase and play at the hanging beach, splashing water with each other, leaving all their troubles behind, as if they had eaten worry-free grass. Suddenly, the wonderful sound of ding ding dong dong emanating from the mountain spring and beach attracted young men, who looked around obsessively and listened carefully. When the girl saw this, she thought he was possessed of some kind of magic, and ran over to shake the young man vigorously and asked anxiously, "Brother, what's the matter with you?" "A-mei, listen to this, what a beautiful voice, it's like a sound from the outside world." The girl listened quietly: "Really, it's so wonderful, so beautiful?" The young man said: "This voice is very good It sounds good, I have a whim, I want to make something out of it, so that he can sing like this spring water hanging beach." The girl looked at the hanging beach and the spring waterfall and said, "Look, the spring water looks like a stream of water. The thread of the root falls down, and the water below is round, clear and bottomless, and you can do something like it." The young man heard what she said, and thought of using the circular hanging beach as the piano plate and the soil behind the spring water. For Bing, the line of spring water is string. Then, imitate it with wood and make strings with threads, isn't it the same as here? "So they went home and tried it, failed, and tried again. After dozens of improvements, they finally made a qin that can play music. Because of its shape like a full moon, they named it "Yueqin".

The story and legend of the origin of Yueqin

Although the story is not credible, it shows that the invention of Yueqin came from the hands of the working people. It is a summary of the working people's practical experience and the crystallization of their wisdom and sweat. Yueqin can be played in people's lives to relieve sorrow and boredom, and to play red events and festive occasions. The Yueqin can be played not only by men, but also by women and children. The Yueqin has become an important musical instrument for the folk entertainment of the Yi people.

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Yueqin (Pinyin: yuè qín), a plucked musical instrument of the Han nationality, originated in the Han Dynasty. It has been spread in China, Japan, the Korean Peninsula, and Vietnam. It is also spread in China and Vietnam. The early Yueqin had a long neck and generally had about twelve frets. In the Qing Dynasty, the short-necked Yueqin with the eighth rank or so appeared, which is easy to play in the high-pitched area, and is often used for the accompaniment of opera. After the development and improvement of Ruan in the 1950s, Yueqin usually refers to the short-necked Yueqin in mainland China.

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Taiwan Yueqin has a long neck, and the speakers are round wooden, occasionally hexagonal or octagonal. In Taiwan, the panel is often made of Taiwan paulownia (Taiwanese called Wutong, Scrophulariaceae) to play specific tunes (such as Taiwan Hengchun Folk Ballads). The tune "Four Seasons Spring") is tuned with pure 5 degrees.
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The Yueqin can be used for solo, instrumental ensemble and to accompany song and dance, opera, and rap music. It is an accompaniment instrument for operas such as Peking Opera, Pingju Opera, Henan Opera, Chu Opera, Xi Opera, Gui Opera and Taiwan Gezi Opera.
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