Ruan (Ruan Xian)

Ruan (Ruan Xian) (Pinyin: Ruǎn), short for Ruan Xian. It is a traditional plucked musical instrument of the Han nationality, also known as Ruan Xian and Ruan Qin. In ancient times, it was called Qin Pipa. Later, because of the introduction of Quxiang Pipa, the name "Pipa" was occupied, and it was named after Ruan Xian, who was good at playing this instrument.


  • Chinese name:Nguyen
  • full name:Ruan Xian
  • type:plucked instruments
  • alias:Long-necked lute
Since ancient times, Wang Zhaojun in literary and artistic works has always accompanied the pipa. However, Zhaojun, who is commonly seen in modern dramas, paintings, sculptures and other artistic images, is accompanied by a half-pear-shaped pipa that came only four hundred years later than her, which is inconsistent with historical facts.
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During the Han Dynasty, many horse-mounted musical instruments were introduced into China. In the second year of Yuanding, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty (115 BC), Zhang Qian sent an envoy to Wusun (now the Uzbek nation), Wusun King Hunting Jiaomi and Han intermarriage, Princess Wusun Before his marriage, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty ordered craftsmen who knew music to create a musical instrument that could be played on a horse by referring to the qin, zheng, zhu, and lying Konghou. It was Ruan, who was called "Qin Pipa" at that time.
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Di Lin, Master, Ruan Professional Young Teacher of Central Conservatory of Music, Young Ruan Performer.
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Liu Bo, Principal of Ruan Sheng Department of Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, National First-Class Performer, Visiting Professor of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. He is currently the vice-chairman of the China Ruan Professional Committee.
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Wang Zhongbing, a big coffee in the Ruan world, the inventor of modern Zhongruan and Daruan. He is a student of Yang Yinliu, and Yang Yinliu is also a student of A Bing, a complete teacher and apprentice.
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Liu Qingyao's deity is an up-master of the music area of station B. He currently has 900,000 fans. His videos mainly use pipa performances and Ruan Xian's performances to spread the culture of national musical instruments.
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Xu Yang, Ruan performer, educator, professor and master tutor of the Central Conservatory of Music.
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At 3:00 p.m. on October 11, a special ethnic concert of Ruan with the theme of "Ruan's Words" was staged in Suzhou Qinxi Experimental Primary School. This performance is one of the 2022 "Elegant Art on Campus" series activities sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education and Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance.
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Yueqin originated from Ruan, and then gradually changed. In the Qing Dynasty, Yueqin was completely different from Ruan. Compared with Ruan, Yueqin was simplified and slightly smaller in size. Yueqin has a sharp and high-range sound, and is often used for solo, instrumental ensemble, or to accompany song and dance, opera, and rap music. Ruan has a low voice and a long body, and is often used as a solo, duet, singing and dancing accompaniment or playing in a national band.
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On the evening of April 8, "Listening to Guangdong-Yang Weijie, Sha Jingshan and the Guangdong National Orchestra Concert" will be conducted by conductor Wang Fujian and will perform at the Xinghai Concert Hall. Both Yang Weijie and Sha Jingshan are people who love music and performances.
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The body of the pipa is pear-shaped, while the sound box of the Ruan is round; the pipa is a musical instrument from the Western Regions in ancient times, and the Ruan is a traditional musical instrument in my country.
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I'm used to reading fashion magazines and trendy brands, but today I'll show you something different. This is the twenty-one band from the Qing Dynasty that swept the world. You must not have thought that this Qing Dynasty band had debuted in the C position and led the fashion. Just the folk music playing and painting have been sold at home and abroad.
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