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Mongolian musical instruments include Matouqin, Mongolian drum, Huobusi, Tobshur, Yatok, Sihu, Hujia and so on. Mongolian musical instruments are used in folk songs and rap related to nomadic life. Mongolian musical instruments In traditional ancient chants, hymns, banquet songs and many songs reflecting the life of herdsmen, Mongolian musical instruments can be divided into three categories: f...
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The big drum is composed of drum body, drum skin, drum ring, drum card and drum drum. Drum material, drum body: In the early days, there were various products such as gold (metal), jade, wood, and stone. Until modern times, it has mostly been made of wood and cattle, horse, pig skins, etc. The ones made of metal are called "zhenggu", those made of stone are called "stone drums", and those made of...
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