The structure of the drum

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The big drum is composed of drum body, drum skin, drum ring, drum card and drum drum.
Drum material, drum body: In the early days, there were various products such as gold (metal), jade, wood, and stone. Until modern times, it has mostly been made of wood and cattle, horse, pig skins, etc. The ones made of metal are called "zhenggu", those made of stone are called "stone drums", and those made of animal skins are called "skin drums". Drum hoops and drum cards: mostly made of aluminum alloy. Drum drum: A short and thick wooden drum, one end is wrapped with leather strips, cloth or tape felt, and it is spherical.

The structure of the drum

The drums used in Buddhist temples in modern times are mostly short barrels, and most of the large drums are hung in the drum tower or under the eaves of the Daxiong Hall. Small and medium-sized drums are equipped with hanging bells, which are placed on the drum stand for the purpose of chanting and chanting. The tambourine is used for percussion when it is out of position.
The bass drum is a double-faced musical instrument with no fixed pitch, but it can control the intensity of pronunciation. Use the drum to strike the pronunciation, and express different musical emotions with the change of the force. Its timbre is deep, loud, and powerful, perfect for imitating the sound of thunder and cannon.

The structure of the drum

The modern bass drum originated in ancient Turkey, so it is also called the snare drum, and was introduced to Europe in the Middle Ages. It is the most important percussion instrument in military bands, orchestras and symphony bands. It hardly plays solo, but is an accompaniment instrument that participates in ensemble or foils the harmony of the band, but the status of the bass drum is very important, it not only enriches the bass part of the band , plump, and it brings a sense of momentum to the whole band, adding vitality.
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Big drum (Sanskrit name dundubhi) musical instrument name. A kind of percussion instrument, also known as Taiko and Tanggu, is also the most frequently used percussion instrument. That is, a hollow wooden cylinder is covered with leather for percussion instruments. The exterior color of the drum body is mostly red, and a few are black and wood color. The bass drum is struck by a single drumstick, called the big drumstick, with a head that can be used on both sides and is covered with wool or felt. Usually when struck, it is between the center of the drum and the rim of the drum, and the center of the drum is only used for short and fast hits (staccato) and special effects.

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Mongolian musical instruments include Matouqin, Mongolian drum, Huobusi, Tobshur, Yatok, Sihu, Hujia and so on. Mongolian musical instruments are used in folk songs and rap related to nomadic life. Mongolian musical instruments In traditional ancient chants, hymns, banquet songs and many songs reflecting the life of herdsmen, Mongolian musical instruments can be divided into three categories: folk musical instruments, religious musical instruments and sacrificial musical instruments.
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