Common flute size ratio chart

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Common flute size ratio table

Common flute size ratio chart


(1) The distance between the holes must be calculated from the center of each hole, not from the edge of the hole.

(2) Dimensions are in millimeters, such as 15mm.

Involving musical instruments

Dizi (pinyin: dí zi), also known as the horizontal flute, is generally used as an important musical instrument to accompany opera.

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The flute has flat blowing and urgent blowing, which are the playing skills of the flute. The flat blowing should be slow, and the urgent blowing should be fast. These two techniques often appear in the expression of the flute music.
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The flute song "Hundred Birds Introduction", as the name suggests, is to imitate various bird calls in nature with a flute, to attract the attention of the birds in nature, so as to integrate with nature, so that bird calls and flute sounds are combined into one, to reflect The unique charm of flute music.
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In the performance of the bamboo flute, the half-hole tone can be said to be an extremely common playing technique. Especially in some solo pieces of the Northern School, in order to express a warm and cheerful atmosphere, techniques such as portamento and duoyin are often used.
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Flower tongue is a special tongue technique of bamboo flute, similar to the rolling of erhu's shaking plucked instruments. It is often used in the accompaniment of rap music in the north. The flower tongue is divided into anterior and posterior flower tongues.
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In the teaching process, the author found that some flute friends do not pay attention to efficiency when practicing the flute, and they are even a little blind when practicing the flute, and they do not have a general learning idea.
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