Common tuning methods of Zhongruan

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At present, there are two common tuning methods for Zhongruan. One is the "four-five-four" (Adad-) tuning method; the other is "five-four-five" (Gdgd-). Other kinds of tuning are not common anymore. The "five four five" tuning method is currently the most widely used. The four strings of "five four five" tuning are G, d, g, d- from the fourth string to the first string respectively.

Common tuning methods of Zhongruan

Zhongruan's tune and top key roll call:

C key (tuning: 5 .2 .5 2)

G key (tuning .1 .5 1 5)

F key (tuning .2 .6 2 6)

D key (tuning .4 .1 .4 1)

bB key (tuning: 6 .3 .6 3)

A key (tuning: b7 .4 .b7 4)

bE key (tuning .3 .7 3 7)

E key (tuning.b3.b7 b3 b7)

bA key (tuning: 7 .#4 .7 #4)

B key (tuning: #5 .#2 .#5 #2)

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Zhongruan (pinyin: zhōng ruǎn) is a national plucked musical instrument with a long history in China. It is a traditional plucked musical instrument of the Chinese nation. Because of the mellow, rich tone and wide range of sound, Ruan has become the main instrument in solo, ensemble, and duet in ancient times; in modern times, Ruan can play a powerful role in the orchestra, and Da Ruan and Zhong Ruan are mainly used in national orchestras.

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