Bangu (Pinyin: bǎn gǔ) is a kind of percussion instrument, also known as Mingpi and Bangu. The "Jiegu" used in Qing music in the Tang Dynasty may be its predecessor. It has a long history in the folk. The "Continued Documents of the Qing Dynasty" contains: "The bangu, also known as the drum, has an urgent sound and chews, and is the leader of each utensil, and it is not easy to strike." It is the conductor instrument in the Chinese opera orchestra.


  • Pinyin:bǎn gǔ
  • nickname:single leather, drum
  • literature:"General Examination of Continued Documents of the Qing Dynasty"
  • Dynasty:Tang Dynasty
As early as the Tang Dynasty (618-907), it was used in "Qing Yue", and it was called "Jiegu" at that time. During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, it has been used in the "Qing Yue" of Sui Jiu Music and Tang Shi Shi Music, and it was called Jiegu at that time.
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Jia Bingzheng, born on October 3, 1932, is a native of Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, who has been fond of Jin drama since childhood. In 1946, he dropped out of school and entered the Taiyuan Revival Stage, where he learned to play the drum board with Wang Desheng (nicknamed Baoerze) as his teacher.
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Feng Hongqi, male, drummer of Peking Opera. Tianjin people. He is a student of the 66th class of Tianjin Art School, learning Peking Opera drumming and percussion. Under the tutelage of Hang Zihe and Zhou Zihou. Since I was in school, I have often practiced on stage. Along with Li Fengge, Tao Wenlu, etc
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The Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism announced the list of the sixth batch of representative inheritors of provincial-level intangible cultural heritage. A total of 279 people from all over Zhejiang Province were on the list, including those from the Tiaoqiong Protection, Inheritance and Development Center of Xinchang County, Shaoxing City. Xing Zuobin.
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Jia Bing is a well-respected performer in the Jin Opera industry. In his more than 70 years of art career, his artistic career is closely linked with the development of Jin Opera. His drumming skills have a solid foundation, broad play paths, steady and vigorous play in literary play, lively and free play in martial arts, and passionate and infectious accompaniment.
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A few days ago, the Propaganda Department of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee issued a notice that the featured performance works of Hubei Drum "The Spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Central Committee shines brightly" were selected by the Propaganda Department of the Yunmeng County Party Committee of Xiaogan City, Hubei Province.
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The important part of the drum should be kept moist, and the drum skin should not be scratched when retracting, otherwise the drum skin will be broken due to changes in humidity.
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Raise your wrists and stand your hands, and lift your arrows to the direction of your eyes to hit the drums. Avoid splitting the arrows too far to the sides or merging inwards when shooting. Always be upright, natural, hit straight, and drop forcefully. The moment after the arrow is dropped and the drum is beaten, it is still necessary to maintain the buckle style.
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