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The cymbal (pinyin: chǎ) is a Chinese percussion instrument, that is, a small cymbal. Also known as cymbals, hinges, etc. There are two common types of Chinese folk cymbals: brass cymbals and iron cymbals. Because the cymbal is an instrument with no fixed pitch, generally speaking, the sound of the small cymbal is the highest, followed by the middle cymbal, and the sound of the large cymbal is the lowest.


  • Pinyin:chǎ
  • Classification:percussion
  • origin:China
Cymbals originated in West Asia and were popular in the Northern Wei Dynasty. After the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it became an important accompaniment instrument for opera. Cymbal: In ancient times, it was called "copper cymbal" and "copper plate", and folks called it "cymbal". is a common percussion instrument.
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Cymbals and cymbals are not the same musical instrument, and their origins, shapes, and performances are very different.
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When playing, the cymbal holding and playing techniques are the same as the cymbal, and the sound is crisp and bright.
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