Sheng operating guide

Sheng's playing skills are the most abundant of all wind instruments. As the originator of reed instruments, the influence of Sheng's skills not only greatly enriches the expressive power of wind music, but also plays a positive role in promoting world music. The traditional sheng and the improved sheng have the same playing techniques, and the improved sheng technique is based on ...
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The traditional and improved sheng techniques are the same, and the improved sheng technique is based on the traditional sheng technique. Sheng's playing skills include: pause, appoggiance, skipping, double spit, triple spit, broken spit, flower tongue, mouthpiece, vibrato, polyphony, various chords, etc. The flower tongue is divided into fine flower tongue, thick flower tongue...
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Sheng is mainly composed of three parts: Sheng spring, Sheng Miao (that is, many bamboo pipes of different lengths on the Sheng body) and Sheng bucket (that is, the Sheng base connecting the mouthpiece). Generally, the palace sound pipe (also known as "shangxu" or "xiu Lao") is the highest pipe in the center. The length of the pipe is like a phoenix wing, and its waist is hoop ...
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