Wang Lei

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Introduction to Wang Lei(sheng)Master performer,music educator

Wang Lei, associate professor of the Central Conservatory of Music, Sheng performer, deputy secretary of the Party branch of the Department of Folk Music, director of the Band and Chamber Music Teaching and Research Section.

He graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music in 2007 and became the first postgraduate student majoring in Sheng. He successively studied under Professor Lin Chongzeng and Professor Yang Shoucheng.

From 2007 to 2013, he worked successively in China Broadcasting Folk Orchestra and the Conservatory of Music of Capital Normal University; now he is an associate professor of sheng in the Folk Music Department of the Central Conservatory of Music, the deputy secretary of the Party branch of the Folk Music Department, and the director of the Band and Chamber Music Teaching and Research Section.

Won the first place in the second Central Conservatory of Music "Longyin Cup" National Instrumental Solo Observation Competition for Wind Music, the first National Sheng Grand Prix Youth Professional Group Silver Award, and the second "Wenhua Art School Award" Small National Instrument Ensemble Group Performance Award, the 4th "Wenhua Art Academy Award" Traditional Instrumental Music Ensemble Group Outstanding Performance Award (the highest award), the 7th "Chinese Music Golden Bell Award" Suona, Sheng, Guanzi Group Bronze Award and the 28th "Chinese Music Golden Bell Award" Shanghai Spring" Jiangnan Silk and Bamboo Invitational Silver Award.

As one of the most active sheng performers on the contemporary stage, Wang Lei has held solo recitals and participated in well-known music festivals at home and abroad. He has performed with China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra, Macao Chinese Orchestra, Youth Chinese Orchestra of Central Conservatory of Music, EOS Orchestra, Beijing Symphony Orchestra, China National Ballet Symphony Orchestra, Netherlands New Orchestra, German E-MEX Chamber Orchestra, Austrian WIND Chamber Orchestra, South Korea Daegu Modern Chamber The orchestra and the CNU Chamber Orchestra cooperated to perform dozens of concertos and new works such as: Hao Weiya's "Wandering Miles", Liu Wenjin's "Rainbow", "Wine Song", Guan Naizhong's "Peacock", Guo Wenjing's "Peony Pavilion", "The Voice of Tibet" ", Jia Guoping's "The Wind in the Sky", "The Trembling of the Decadence Line", Xu Changjun's "Silence", Qu Xiaosong's "Farewell My Concubine", Yang Qing's "Bamboo Shadow" and "Whispering", Zhang Dalong's "Swallow", Shi Fuhong "Going Home", Zhou Juan's "West Wind Break", Pan Huanglong's "East, West, North and South", Hao Weiya's "Ten Thousand Miles".

He has recorded and published "Wang Leisheng Solo Concert - Peacock" (Universal Audio and Video Publishing House), "Traditional Works Album - Jin Diao" (China International Television Corporation), "Modern Works Album - Voice of Tibet" ( Shanghai Music Publishing House), "Fenghua Chinese Music Weekend Edition-Jin Tiao", "Pluck China - Jin Tiao and Pluck Orchestra" and other albums and singles; wrote and published "From the People's Music" and other core journals Peacock·Sound and Painting Look at the Functional Characteristics of the Thirty-Six Reed Fangsheng", "The Teaching and Exploration of National Chamber Music", "The Development Track of the Thirty-Six Reed Fangsheng" and other 10 academic papers and reports; edited and published the textbook "Sheng" Playing Practical Tutorial.

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Sheng (pinyin: shēng) is one of the oldest musical instruments in China. It is the earliest instrument in the world to use free reeds, and it is also the originator of most existing reed instruments in the world.

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Organized by 默妍 on 2022-12-01
In 2015, the first Shanghai Conservatory of Music Sheng Art Week was held in Shanghai, which not only built a platform for Sheng art exhibition and international exchange, but also achieved fruitful results, which greatly promoted the vigorous development of Sheng art.
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The summer is approaching, and the 2022 free art popularization summer training of Hebei Mass Art Museum will continue to recruit students! The registration deadline is July 3, 2022, and the course will officially start on July 12, 2022.
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He is a well-known sheng master in the industry, and he is also a sheng craftsman. Most of the Sheng used by dozens of provincial art troupes and troupes in Lu, Henan, Su, Wan, Ji, Tianjin and Shanghai came from him.
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Sheng's playing skills are the most abundant of all wind instruments. As the originator of reed instruments, the influence of Sheng's skills not only greatly enriches the expressive power of wind music, but also plays a positive role in promoting world music.
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There is such an art troupe in Jinan, which gathers a group of like-minded people. They use songs as chapters and instrumental music as songs, showing the charm of music and dance.
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