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Introduction to Chen Tao(dizi)Master performer,music educator

Famous American Chinese flute player, music educator, composer and conductor of Chinese national orchestra. President and founder of the Shenzhou Chinese Orchestra. Music director and conductor of the Foguang Youth Orchestra of New Jersey, USA. He was the artistic director and conductor of the New York Chinese National Orchestra.

Before moving to the United States, Chen Tao worked in the Folk Music Department of the Central Conservatory of Music. He is a member of the Chinese Musicians Association and a member of the Chinese National Orchestra Association. Chen Tao's music combines the essence of the northern and southern flute styles. The sound is mellow, mellow, skilled, brilliant and unique.

Chen Tao is not only proficient in flute, xiao, xun, but also has a good command of other Chinese wind instruments such as bawu, mouth flute, shakuhachi and other ethnic orchestral instruments. In 1989, he won the second prize and first prize in the National National Instrumental Music Competition. In 1990, he led the Jiangnan Sizhu Group of the Central Conservatory of Music to participate in the Shanghai Jiangnan Sizhu Competition and won all seven first prizes. He has visited the United States, Germany, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Macau and other countries on behalf of the Chinese Artists Group, the Chinese Musicians Association, and the Chinese Buddhist Orchestra more than 20 times. and region. He has successfully cooperated with world-class symphony orchestras such as the BBC Symphony Orchestra of the United Kingdom, the Lyon Symphony Orchestra of France, the National Symphony Orchestra of Portugal, the National Symphony Orchestra of Belgium, the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, winning a high reputation. Among them, his work with Oscar winner Tan Dun: "Theatre - Xun and Symphony" has been recorded in Belgium on CD and DVD and published around the world. Chen Tao was once praised by the New York Times as a "music poet" and "the magical oriental magic flute", and the world-renowned conductor Karajan called him "playing with the heart".

After immigrating to the United States in 1993, he was invited to perform and lecture all over the United States. At the invitation of the Chamber Orchestra of the Manhattan School of Music, he performed at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall, and at the invitation of the China Institute in America, he held special lectures and concerts on Chinese music for more than ten consecutive years. After successfully holding his first flute recital in New York after immigrating to the United States, the New York World Journal and Sing Tao Daily called him "The Dizi King" and "The Master of Dizi Artists". Chen Tao's second flute recital was hosted by the New York World Flute Society and was successfully held at Carnegie Hall. In 2002, Chen Tao also opened the first Internet flute tutorial at

Chen Tao not only has profound skills in Chinese classical, traditional and folk music, but also plays in the field of new music, recording the most influential contemporary composers such as: Tan Dun, Zhou Long, Chen Yi, Qu Xiaosong, Jone La Barbara (USA). ), Han Yong, Situ Gang and many other modern works, which are praised by the music industry as "the pioneer of new Chinese music". Tao Chen also collaborated with the New York Symphony Orchestra and recorded music for many Hollywood movies such as: "The Bribe-The Corruptor (starring Chow Yun-fat)", the documentary "Growing under the Red Flag-Under the Red Flag", "Become American-Become American" , as well as the film "The Countess - The white Countess" and the Italian film "Voice behind the Screen".

In addition to performing, Chen Tao also composes musical works and writes musical papers. His flute music "Moon Park in Autumn River", Ba Wu's "Phoenix Tail Bamboo under the Moonlight", and "Yunnan Dance" created for the Chinese Orchestra have all been recorded and published on CD. In 2005, he was commissioned by the New Jersey Middlesex County Council of Arts & Heritage to create works for the flute and the Chinese Orchestra: "Zen Meditation". In 2006, he composed the plucked piece for the New York Chinese National Orchestra. : "Little Boat", commissioned by Nai Ni Chen Dance Comapny, created a work with Western style: "Dunhuang Love", and later developed this "Dunhuang Love" into a flute solo, Made a splash with its San Francisco debut. His paper "About the Tone of Dizi" was published in a Chinese music magazine, and after he came to the United States, he published "Some Views on New Music (Modern Music)", which attracted the attention of the American music scene.

Chen Tao has also been invited by many famous universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Columbia University in New York, Yale University, New York University, Juilliard School of Music, etc. to hold concerts and special speeches. In 1999, at the invitation of Professor Lawrence, a famous Chinese music expert from Cambridge University, UK, he presided over a research titled "Court Music from the Tang Dynasty". In February 1996, at the invitation of the Taipei Municipal Chinese Orchestra, together with his wife Liu Li (a famous guqin player), they jointly held a concerto for flute and guqin at the Taipei National Concert Hall, and held a one-week special speech, which was a great success. .

In recent years, he has led the colleagues of the China Chinese Orchestra to go deep into the universities, middle schools and elementary schools in New York, USA to hold education and performances to popularize Chinese music, with remarkable achievements. At the same time, various instrumental music learning courses are offered to teach the performance of Chinese musical instruments to Chinese-American teenagers born in the United States. In recent years, the "Chen Tao Dizi Teaching Video" has been launched on China's largest Youku website and Zhaohua Minle's WeChat public account, which has won the love and praise of the majority of flute fans. Outstanding musician on the music stage.

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Dizi (pinyin: dí zi), also known as the horizontal flute, is generally used as an important musical instrument to accompany opera.

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