The "new sound of bamboo flute" national concert was successfully held

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On February 16, the "new sound of bamboo flute" national concert was held in Tianjin Concert Hall, with the famous conductor Dong Junjie as the conductor and the national orchestra of Tianjin Song and Dance Theater, and Gao Xu Oxford as the flute solo.


Gao Xu Oxford, a 2020 graduate student of the Tianjin Conservatory of Music, began to learn flute at the age of seven, and studied under Xu Peiwu, the former head of the National Orchestra of the Tianjin Song and Dance Theater, the national first-class actor and flute player, and the performer, educator, and Professor Gao Jicai of the Tianjin Conservatory of Music. In 2021, the master's mid-term concert was successfully held, and the performance of the song "Late Autumn Narration" was highly praised by the composer Mu Xianglai: "This is the best version I have heard in the past 30 years. Gao Xu Oxford's performance timbre is loose and full, the voice is dynamic, and the expression is in place. It is unexpected that the final interpretation of this work is in your hands."

At the scene, Gao Xu Oxford and the National Orchestra of the Tianjin Song and Dance Theatre jointly performed the shortened version of "Blossom on the Road", the first and second movements of "Four Chapters in Northern Shaanxi", "Greeting People in Mountain Villages", "Praise for Hometown", "Go to the West Side", "The Real Beauty of Jiaocheng" and other music. In the penetrating sound of flute playing, singing is integrated, giving people a new look and feel.

Talking about the characteristics of these tracks, Gao Xu Oxford told the reporter: "This concert is mainly performed in a new style, highlighting the singing of flute performance, making the audience sound very friendly and comfortable." Hometown Praise "is the first performance of the orchestrated version of the band in addition to the original author." Hometown Praise "uses seven-hole flute performance, with thumbholes, to increase the charm of the music It is a typical flute music in the style of Errentai. "

Gao Xu's Oxford performance style is warm and unrestrained, full of singing, yet deep and delicate, and close to people. During the graduate student period, I deeply studied the performance method of "new style" of bamboo flute, studied and applied it to the actual performance, and formed a unique performance style different from other players at present. In 2021, at the invitation of Qutianhuang, the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of Kunqu Opera, he served as the flute player of Qutianhuang Kunqu Opera Art Troupe. He was taught by Yang Yucheng in the performance of Kunqu Opera. He successfully performed the script of "Peony Pavilion" for many times, which was highly praised by professionals and ticket users.

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Dizi (pinyin: dí zi), also known as the horizontal flute, is generally used as an important musical instrument to accompany opera.

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