Ding Xiaokui

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Introduction to Ding Xiaokui(dizi,paixiao,xun,bawu,hulusi,xiao)Master performer

Ding Xiaokui is a young wind musician of the Central Chinese Orchestra.

In 2000, he was admitted to the Music Department of the People's Liberation Army Academy of Arts with the best grades in his major. He studied bamboo flute with his uncle Liang Shuzhuang since he was a child, and successively studied with Yan Ming from Weifang Song and Dance Troupe, Professor Hao Yijun from Shandong University of the Arts, Professor Dai Ya from the Central Conservatory of Music, Professor Zeng Duke from the PLA Academy of Arts, and Mr. Wang Ciheng, a flute master from the Central Chinese Orchestra.

Winner of the silver medal in the Dizi professional group of the first CCTV National Instrumental Music TV Competition. In 2011, he won the silver prize in the Shanghai Spring International Jiangnan Silk and Bamboo Invitational Competition. In 2013, he won the Gold Award of the Ministry of Culture's National and Folk Excellent Combination. He has visited many countries around the world with the Central Chinese Orchestra. He played important roles in large-scale plays such as "Impression of Chinese Music" and "Seeing Chinese Music Again" directed by Wang Chaoge and "Looking for Du Fu" directed by Yi Liming, and received wide acclaim. On April 1, 2017, a solo recital was successfully held at the Beijing Concert Hall. In July of the same year, he played the young Xuanzang in the first national instrumental musical "Xuanzang Westward Journey" by the Central Chinese Orchestra.

Participated in the recording of the original soundtrack music of many film and television dramas (The Great Military Advisor Sima Yi's Military Advisor Alliance, Tiger Roaring and Dragon Roaring), (Swinging), (Youth), (The Flower Blooms and the Moon Is Round), (Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace), (Datang Xuanzang) ), (Notes on Tomb Robbers), (The Three Kingdoms Seeing the Dragon Disarming), (Jin Yiwei), (No Man's Land), (New Water Margin), (New Romance of the Three Kingdoms), (New Xiao Shiyi Lang), etc. Recorded song albums for many famous singers and participated in the recording of many famous variety shows such as (I Am a Singer) and (Fenghua Chinese Music). Committed to the cross-border performance of multi-cultural music, he cooperated with Zhongruan master Feng Mantian and jazz pianist Kong Hongwei with the Golden Buddha Jazz Orchestra.

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Xiao (pinyin: xiāo), divided into dongxiao and qinxiao. And because the flute has a hole, it is different from the pan flute without a hole, so it is called "dongxiao". The xiao has a long history, the sound is round and soft, quiet and elegant, suitable for solo and ensemble. It is generally made of bamboo with blow holes at the top.
Hulusi (pinyin: hú lu sī), also known as "calabash flute", is a musical instrument of ethnic minorities in Yunnan. Hulusi originated in Lianghe County, Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, and is mainly popular in Dai, Achang, Wa, De'ang and Brown. The Dehong and Lincang areas in Yunnan where ethnic groups live together are rich in local colors.
Bawu (pinyin: bā wū), alias Bawu, Gebi, Bai, Bilu, Ule, is a bamboo-winded and copper-reed musical instrument, popular among the Yi, Miao, Hani and other ethnic groups in Yunnan.
Xun (pinyin: xūn) is a closed-mouthed wind instrument unique to the Han nationality. It occupies an important position in the history of primitive art in the world.
Pai Xiao (pinyin: pái xiāo), also known as Pan Di, Fengwei Xiao, is an ancient musical instrument found in ancient China, South America, Europe, and Africa. Connect several wooden or bamboo pipes of different lengths, blow directly through the mouth, each pipe emits a sound, and the melody is displayed by continuously blowing different pipes.

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Organized by 线性代数 on 2023-09-25
On the evening of September 23rd, renowned Canadian Chinese flute performer Wang Chunjie held a solo concert titled "Night of Nature - Autumn Rhyme of Chinese Flute" in Vaughan, Greater Toronto.
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Organized by 八日蝉 on 2023-05-16
Recently, the 2023 Longgang Guyue Art Week grassroots bamboo flute famous music concert -- Happy Reunion was held in the Longgang Cultural Center Concert Hall. The dizi music made the audience feel the beauty of art in the wonderful music performed by traditional instruments.
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Organized by 迷雾风暴 on 2023-03-24
On March 21, there was a melodious and beautiful sound of flutes in the gymnasium of Nanfang Primary School in Linyou County, with applause rising one after another... Everyone was immersed in the wonderful music. Here is a grand ceremony for the donation of Ma Xiao's bamboo flute, "Long Rhyme of the Bamboo Flute, Sunshine Assisting Students".
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Organized by 日记里的汤姆 on 2023-02-17
On February 16, the "new sound of bamboo flute" national concert was held in Tianjin Concert Hall, with the famous conductor Dong Junjie as the conductor and the national orchestra of Tianjin Song and Dance Theater, and Gao Xu Oxford as the flute solo.
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Organized by 赵锦辛 on 2022-12-21
"Although very tired, but dripping dripping", Tan Weihai still felt more than enough after playing bamboo flute for netizens for 3 hours in @Tan Weihai Dixiao studio. As a patient with congenital visual nerve atrophy, Tan Weihai's world is dark, but he lets more people see him by playing bamboo flute.
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