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Panpipes have different names in different periods and regions. In ancient China, the pan flute had many famous names. Yaxiao, Songxiao, Shunxiao, Qinxiao, Fengxiao, Fengyi, Yunxiao. There are also some unfamiliar aliases for the pan flute: staggered, bizhu, short flute, bottom flute, xiao, lai, etc. Pan flutes have their own unique names in all countries of the world. The pan f...
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The sound of Paxiao is soft and elegant, and the low-pitched sound is deep and sad, with strong penetrating and vibrating power. Especially the aftertaste of the weak playing is continuous, giving people the feeling of "like resentment, like crying, like complaining". The timbre in the midrange is round and beautiful, soft with firmness, gentle with inner strength, suitable for ex...
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