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According to the Yao nationality's historical book "Panwang Coupon", in the 11th century BC, the ancestor of the Yao nationality, Panpao, helped King Ping defeat King Gao and was rewarded by King Ping. One day, King Panhu went into the mountains to hunt, but unfortunately was knocked off a cliff by a goat and died on a paulownia tree. The third princess was so grief-stricken that her children cut...
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The legend of Huangni Drum was made to commemorate Pan Wang, the ancestor of the Yao people. In the historical book "Guoshan Bang" handed down by the Yao people from generation to generation, there is such a record: the ancestor of the Yao nationality, Pan Wang, was a heroic figure with both wisdom and courage. The head of the enemy leader was retrieved to protect the life and property of the trib...
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