Performers open up a "second stage" for traditional folk music to reach the public

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Guzheng, Guqin, pipa, Erhu, Yangqin, suona... In the broadcast room, various folk music performances are melodious or passionate. More and more folk music players choose to play on online platforms, which brings traditional folk music closer to the public and attracts more young people. "At home you can hear the performance of folk music artists, it is worth it", "the music played with traditional Chinese instruments is really good", "finally learned to appreciate the beauty of silk and bamboo", "spread the long stretch of national music to a wider place"...... Watching while listening while talking, the netizen bullet screen gathered in the folk music broadcast room is very lively.

Performers open up a

Musicians open up a second stage

At 9 p.m., Gao Zihan, a girl from Nanjing, sat in front of the camera and played the erhu. She used her left hand to press the slide, the right hand quickly raised, with the bow skills to imitate the sound of a horse, a "horse racing" tune cheerful, bright rhythm. "For more than a year, I have performed thousands of songs in the studio. My fans include those born in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. Many of them say they want to learn Erhu and often communicate with me." Gao Zihan said.

"Through the live broadcast room, more people began to appreciate the beauty of the dulcimer." Zhou Tingting, a dulcimer player of the China National Orchestra, said that she was particularly touched by a comment in the broadcast room. During the prelude to her performance of "The Special One," a fan commented that the dulcimer's performance "sounds like the rain in the south of the Yangtze River, which hits the roof tiles in a hurry, as if it is eagerly looking for a lover." Zhou Tingting said, "Although the viewer does not know the technical terms of the dulcimer, he can feel these detailed and beautiful pictures in the Yangqin sound by watching it online. I want to bring professional dulcimer performances to audiences outside the concert hall. Only when more and more people understand and appreciate dulcimer, can the number of fans increase and the dulcimer have a chance to spread more widely. At present, my partner and I are experimenting with the 'four-handed combination' of dulcimer."

More and more folk music players are becoming anchors and finding a "second stage" in online broadcast rooms. Some relatively niche instruments are also attracting new fans by playing them online.

"I can see fan portraits from backstage, and my fans are more young." Hu Xuefei, who plays Konghou in the direct broadcast room, said, "Now there are more and more young people who like the national wind and the Konghou. The feature of my live broadcast is mainly divided into two parts: in the first part, I would play the song that the audience wanted to hear, and at the end, I would choose a song that the audience wanted to play on the spot, hoping to spread the beauty of Konghou to more people."

Zhao Xia, who plays the solo instrument in the live broadcast room, said: "The live broadcast breaks the geographical restrictions and gives the relatively unpopular instrument like the solo instrument a chance to be seen by more people. When I first started broadcasting, few people paid attention to me, so I played some pop music with a one-string piano, which had a unique tone and 'temperament', and gradually the audience began to grow."

The band showed off new tricks

"This group of young people is amazing" "Let traditional instruments show fashion sense"... In various urban cultural scenes, several young people dressed in ancient costumes and using traditional Chinese Musical Instruments such as erhu, pipa, suona and bamboo flute, made innovative performances of well-known music pieces such as "Li SAO", "Rice Fragrance", "Wan Jiang" and "Under the Lion Mountain", which were praised by netizens at home and abroad. Directed by the Publicity Department of Chengdu Municipal Committee and created by Chengdu Media Group, the short video IP "Folk Music is also Crazy" project presents a series of folk music works subverting traditional scenes, and is widely popular after being released on mainstream video platforms at home and abroad. "Traditional culture is being played out in new ways by young people, making people want to participate in it." "One netizen commented.

"The reason why I chose folk music is because music knows no borders, and folk music has deep connotation and rich and colorful traditional culture." Chinese folk Musical Instruments are no worse than any other in the world. Playing folk music in an urban cultural scene, combining tradition and modernity, is very cool!" "Folk music is also crazy" project leader said.

Thanks to the creative team's exploration of a novel way of cultural expression, such as a Song Dynasty costume designed for the players of "The Song of Birds in the Sky", coupled with a light yellow rice paper texture background and excellence in shooting, the performance video was launched, and the number of views soon exceeded one million. "Come and see, it's a moving picture!" Netizens lamented in the bullet screen. Since then, the club has determined the aesthetic direction of "ancient painting visual output".

Chang 'an Wind Band, which is popular on the short video platform, is formed by the Shaanxi Radio and Television Chinese Orchestra and the Shaanxi National Orchestra. Most of its main members are the post-90s generation, and the smallest players are the post-00s generation. In the band's broadcast room, the pipa, erhu, dulcimer and other national instruments were in full force, and the melodious and soothing music flowed from their hands, making netizens call it "when the music rings, the ears are instantly captured". Song selection, Changan Wind band unique, band staff Wang Xiaoan said: "In the past offline performance, the team has 20 or 30 classic songs are basically enough, but to the online, live one after another, the audience continues to pour in and put forward new requirements, so rehearsing new songs has become our important work."

Create remote music lessons

"My colleagues and I really feel the vitality and appeal of folk music in the Internet, and also more intuitively see the cross-regional influence and coverage of Internet live streaming platforms." Only if young people like it, can it be passed on. "As a professional performer, I need to find ways to lead young people and let them know that traditional and classical music can be fashionable and fashionable." Zhao Cong, head of the China National Orchestra and principal pipa player, said that short videos have become a national application, and high-quality folk music can reach a wider audience through various online performances.

It is understood that the Central Chinese Orchestra plans to develop a series of targeted music public welfare courses, and creates a "cloud classroom" related to ethnic instrumental music for music teachers and children in remote mountainous areas through a service model of targeted delivery and organization of viewing. "I was deeply impressed by the audience's interaction during the public service broadcast. Some people in the audience asked, "The music is very beautiful, how long can I practice to this level?" and "My child is now four years old, is it suitable to learn Erhu?" Song Lei, Erhu performer of the Central Chinese Orchestra, said that the limited number of offline audiences and the great influence of Internet live streaming have helped the popularization of music education and the formation of music habits, so that more people can feel the beauty of art, which makes him more proud than the performance in the palace of elegant art.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and The State Council issued the Overall Layout Plan for the Construction of Digital China in February this year, proposing to build a confident and prosperous digital culture, improve digital cultural service capabilities, build a number of comprehensive digital culture display platforms, and accelerate the development of new cultural enterprises, cultural formats, and cultural consumption models. "When traditional culture and art meet the Internet, new sparks will emerge." Industry insiders pointed out that using new carriers and creating new scenes, presenting the beauty and charm of folk music on platforms where young people are active, and cultivating the audience's interest in experiencing folk music art at close range can not only enhance the supply capacity of high-quality digital cultural products, but also feed back offline folk music performances.

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