Forty years of exploration of Qin Zheng Society of Shaanxi Province to write a new era of "Qin Zheng Chapters"

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On June 28, 1983, Mr. Cao Zheng, the founder of guzheng education in New China, a famous educator, theorist and performer, presented "the origin of Zheng Tao" to Shaanxi Qin Zheng Society (formerly Xi 'an Qin Zheng Society), which officially started this period of 40 years of exploration.

Looking back at history, linking the past and the future; Sum up the past and build on the past. In order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the society, relying on the Shaanxi Province intangible cultural heritage protection fund subsidy project, Shaanxi Province Qin Zheng Society held a series of activities such as cloud exhibition, zheng artist lectures, Qin Zheng art oral history, interview records, and on the evening of December 23, 2023, The "Qin People, Qin Zheng, Qin Voice - 40th Anniversary Celebration Concert of Shaanxi Qin Zheng Society" was successfully held in the Belt and Road Art and Culture Center of Xi 'an, Shaanxi Province.

Forty years of exploration of Qin Zheng Society of Shaanxi Province to write a new era of

From generation to generation, through trials and hardships, step by step innovation and transcendence, the society is writing the "Qin Zheng chapter" of the new era with high attitude.

Qin people: diligently seeking

Xue Lian, president of Shaanxi Qin Zheng Society and dean of Music College of Shaanxi Art Vocational College, gave the opening speech at the concert and told about the development of the society. Since its establishment, under the leadership of Mr. Gao Zicheng, Mr. Zhou Yanjia and Professor Fan Yifeng, Shaanxi Qin Zheng Society has made remarkable achievements in theory construction, works accumulation, talent training and instrument production after several generations of zheng practitioners' inheritance and cultivation. It has not only made Qin Zheng return to Qin, but also made Qin Zheng go out of Shaanxi and go to the world!

On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the establishment of the Society, the Society awarded the Shaanxi Qin Zheng Society "Lifetime Achievement Award" to Mr. Wei Jun and Mr. Qu Yun, "Contribution Award" to Li Shibin, He Xiuqin, Li Yue E, Ke Dasheng, Liu Aiqin, Li Junfang, Wu Meihuang, and "Artistic Achievement Award" to Zhou Wang, Fan Yifeng, Yin Qun, Chang Xiaodong, Gao Wugang and Zhang Xiaohong. At the same time, I also thank every Shaanxi Zheng people for their dedication, loyalty and selfless dedication to the Qin Zheng cause.

Today, the burden of the society has been handed over to the hands of the new generation of Shaanxi Zheng people represented by Xue Lian, who will continue to undertake the cultural mission of promoting the inheritance and development of Qin Zheng, uphold the musical ideal of tireless pursuit, and constantly improve the international communication power of Qin Zheng Shaanxi school, jointly safeguard the cultural roots of the Chinese nation, and build a community of human musical civilization.

Qin Zheng: Pass on the torch

Since the Qin Dynasty, continue today, rooted in the deep soil of excellent traditional Chinese culture, the unique artistic charm of zheng music accompanied the Chinese children through a long time. Then, in the evolution of more than two thousand years, Qin Zheng also declined due to various reasons, especially in the 1950s is on the verge of extinction. Mr. Zhou Yanjia, the second generation president of Shaanxi Qin Zheng Society, was inspired by this and put forward the idea of "Qin Zheng returns to Qin", thus opening the restoration, inheritance and revitalization of "Qin Zheng". During this period, Mr. Zhou Yanjia, Mr. Wei Jun, Mr. Qu Yun and other Shaanxi zither people and Mr. Rao Yuyan, Mr. Zhou Yuguo and other Shaanxi composers transplanted, adapted and created a large number of excellent Shaanxi style zither music, laying a firm foundation for the return of Qin zither to Qin.

In 2015, under the care of leaders at all levels of the Shaanxi Academy of Arts, the work of "Qin Zheng" intangible heritage was carried out smoothly. In February 2017, "Qin Zheng" won the fifth batch of intangible cultural heritage projects issued by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture, and Mr. Zhou Yanjia is the representative inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage project "Qin Zheng" in Shaanxi Province. In 2023, the Qin Zheng Art Season activity of Shaanxi Qin Zheng Society was selected as the intangible cultural heritage protection fund subsidy project of Shaanxi Province.

The development of Qin Zheng Society is also inseparable from the profound theoretical research foundation. Qin Zheng, founded in 1983, is the only professional theoretical journal in the field of zheng. Based on the forefront of guzheng development, "Qin Zheng" reflects the status quo and development trend of zheng art ecology and academic theoretical research, makes a positive contribution to the inheritance and innovation of the guzheng cause, and also creates a new height for the professional development of Shaanxi Zheng music.

Qin Sheng: Winding around the beam

The concert on the evening of December 23, 2023 is an inheritance and promotion of the tradition, a summary and demonstration of the reality, and a bright prospect for the future of Qin Zheng's career. At the concert, the Zheng class of famous people gathered together to deduce Qin wind and Qin rhyme, or talk eloquently, hold tears, or impassioned, denunciation, the platform music such as songs such as tears, the audience applause.

With the guidance of Zhang Jie, executive director and deputy secretary general of Qin Zheng Society of Shaanxi Province, "Zheng Ming", the sound is real, and the players will give a cavity of love to the fingertips of the strings. Fan Yifeng, honorary president of Shaanxi Qin Zheng Society and professor of Xi 'an Conservatory of Music, fully demonstrated the characteristics of Shaanxi Zheng music, which is "delicate and long, warm to the ear and sour to the heart" with her heartfelt song "惙". Ms. Yin Qun, president of the Singapore Zither Society, spoke eloquently about the boundless "Hometown Charm" of Qin Guan and Qianqiu. Professor Xue Lian expressed his memory and high respect for Zhou Yanjia, the leader of Qin Zheng, with "Autumn Night Zheng". The Xiangshan Shooting Drum played by Professor Sun Zhuo, vice president of Qin Zheng Society of Shaanxi Province, reproduces the roar of Guanzhong Xianghui with deep melodies and lofty and empty artistic mood.

Outstanding young performers from colleges and universities in Shaanxi Province, such as Qu Mingming, Li Yu, Cao Jin, Wei Yueming, Cui Wen, Zhang Jing, Song Qianwen, Jin, Luo Jie, Li Wan and Wang Miao, led the Shaanxi Qin Zheng Association Chang 'an Zheng Troupe to play the classic Qin Zheng repertoire such as "Hundred Flowers", "Qin's Voice", "Chang 'an" and "Pour Cup", which pushed the concert scene to a climax again and again. The students from the High School attached to Xi 'an Conservatory of Music, who grew up in the Chang 'an Zheng Group, showed the audience the vigor and vitality of the new generation of Shaanxi Zheng people with the sound of "The Traveler".

Forty years of comb wind and rain, tempering spring and autumn fruits;

Forty years without youth, compose the music of The Times;

Forty years of dream forward, start a new journey!

As President Xue Lian said: "Forty years of the development of the society has confirmed that 'Zheng is the instrument of humanity and wisdom'", as well as Professor Qu Yun of the Art College of Shaanxi Normal University gave the 40th anniversary of the society's message: "Seventy years of hard work to revive the Qin Zheng, the flourishing Chinese chapter in the new era." In the journey of building a cultural power in the new era, Shaanxi Qin Zheng Society will continue to catch up with the spirit of the tide, uphold an open and inclusive mind, adhere to the integrity and innovation, and write a new chapter of contemporary China.

Involving musical instruments

Guzheng (pinyin: Gǔ Zhēng), also known as Hanzheng and Qinzheng, is an ancient national musical instrument of the Han nationality and is popular all over China. It is often used for solo, duet, instrumental ensemble and accompaniment of song and dance, opera and folk art. Because of its wide range, beautiful timbre, rich playing skills and strong expressiveness, it is known as the "King of Music", also known as "Oriental Piano", and is one of the unique and important national musical instruments in China.

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