Jiuting Town "intangible heritage into the community" presents the beauty of Jiangnan silk and bamboo music

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June 8 is the Cultural and Natural Heritage Day. Songjiang Four Seasons Village Evening Summer Exhibition and "Intangible heritage into the community" Jiangnan silk and Bamboo special performance was recently held in Jiuting Town Community Cultural Activity Center, 12 classic folk music pieces played in rotation, for the audience to bring a audio-visual feast.

Jiuting Town

The performance includes both folk music ensemble, flute solo and plucked music. "Random Thoughts in Nanniwan" takes the audience back to that tough but scrappy time; The bright melody of "Purple Bamboo Melody" creates the scene of misty rain in Jiangnan water town, swaying bamboo forests and gurgling streams; When the flute solo "Autumn Song of the Weishui River" sounded, the melodious and far-reaching timbres vividly interpreted the tranquility of the Weishui River in autumn. The audience was silent, immersed in the unique ethnic customs and musical flavor, and some residents recorded the entire performance, planning to slowly taste.

Intangible cultural heritage is the living inheritance of national culture, which contains profound historical accumulation and national wisdom. It is reported that the Jiuting Zhenjiang South Silk Bamboo Team was formerly known as the Jiuting Small Green Class, which was formed in 1940 and officially established in 2002. The team members have been active in various mass art stages all the year round, mainly performing the eight major Jiangnan silk and bamboo songs, traditional Qu cards and local opera music, which has effectively promoted the spread of intangible cultural heritage in the region.

According to Xin Xinyue, staff member of Jiuting Town Cultural and Sports Service Center, since June, Jiuting Town has held a series of cultural heritage Day activities with the theme of "inheriting traditional culture and writing the Chinese Chapter of The Times". In addition to folk music performances, it has also launched intangible cultural heritage projects such as sashet production, sugar painting, fan writing, paper cutting, etc., so that residents can enjoy the fun while at the same time. Develop a passion for participating in nongenetic conservation.

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