Summer feast, Art bloom - "Open the Door to Art" Summer festival grand opening

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In this enthusiastic summer, a 58-day artistic feast covering 64 wonderful performances was officially kicked off. On the evening of July 5, the 31st "Open the Door to Art - 2024 Summer Art Festival" opened at the Zhongshan Park Music Hall in Beijing.

Summer feast, Art bloom -

Conductor Tan Lihua led the Beijing Symphony Orchestra with Chinese classics "Song of the Yangtze River" and "In the Fields of Hope", theme songs from the movies "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Superman", as well as "Blue Danube Waltz" and "Sound of Spring Waltz" and other world famous music. Liu Xiyuge, an 11-year-old harp rookie, shared the stage with Beijiao to perform the light and elegant first movement of Austrian composer Diettersdorf's Harp Concerto in A Major.

From July 5 to August 31, the festival will present 64 wonderful performances in 58 days, 11 types of art camps such as chorus, pop song creation, pipa, recitation, Beijing Opera, percussion, harp, guqin, Xun/flute/xiao, brass and woodwind, as well as 15 themed interactive public welfare activities.

Before the opening performance, Wang Jiaxun Percussion Band brought a "flash mob" in the Zhongshan Park Music Hall Hall. A well-known "Bell Variations", leading the audience into the world of percussion music.

Xu Jian, chairman of Beijing Poly Forbidden City Theater Management Co., LTD., said: "Some parents told us that their children began to participate in the" open the door to art "activity from the age of 3, and now is 11 years old, every year to clock in, from the initial children's drama, percussion, acrobatics, and gradually contact recitation, folk music, symphony and so on. Art has great power and will stay with children for a lifetime."

As one of the founders of Open Art Doors, Tan Lihua said: "Over the past 30 years, generations of listeners have grown together with Open Art Doors and experienced happiness and beauty from music. I hope that with old and new friends who have opened the door to art, we can start another unforgettable summer of art in music."

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