The instrumental play "Light of the Axis" shocked the first performance, and the ancient instruments played the forte of The Times

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On the evening of June 26, Beijing Lao She Theater was illuminated with bright lights, and the intangible cultural heritage instrumental play "Light on the Axis" was grandly kicked off, presenting an audiovisual feast for the audience. This combination of tradition and innovation is not only a deep tribute to the excellent traditional Chinese culture, but also a stunning rebirth of lost ancient instruments on the modern stage. The ethereality of the Konghou, the melody of the banjo, the elegance of the ten-stringed harp... A series of ancient Musical Instruments that had been buried in the dust of time were revived on the stage of "Light of the Axis". They were perfectly combined with intangible traditional opera, dance and painting skills, and together woven a cultural scroll that traversed time and space, reproduced the historical splendor and artistic charm of the axis, and made every audience deeply feel the profound and extraordinary charm of Chinese culture.

The instrumental play

On June 26, Beijing Laoshe Theater, the original intangible cultural heritage immersive instrumental play "Light of the Axis" was premiered in Beijing, and the play "Zhengyang Spring Night" was performed on-site. The play makes extensive use of vintage instruments, as well as a number of non-heritage instrument playing skills. The Han Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty Konghou, the ancient musical instrument unearthed in the tomb of Zeng Hou Yi, the restoration of the five-stringed harp, the ten-stringed harp, the restoration of the harp and the harmony of the "ser", the restoration of the Dunhuang Lei Gong drum... Ancient Musical Instruments lost for a long time have regained a new "sound" on the central axis.

The drama, directed and starring well-known Chinese music player Wu Qian, is produced by Beijing Chaoyang District Workers' University (Chaoyang Community College) and Dongcheng District Culture and Tourism Bureau. It mainly tells the story of the cultural experience of overseas music students, Lu Ban and Le Shen Su female on the central axis of Beijing. From the Yongdingmen, Temple of Heaven, Bell and drum Towers and other intangible heritage buildings, to the Konghou, Guqin, guzheng and other intangible Musical Instruments, to the intangible opera and dance, the performance presents the rich history and culture of the central axis of Beijing with an immersive experience, reflecting the "central spirit" of traditional Chinese culture, which is like heaven, law and earth, harmony and harmony, rites and music.

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