Chaozhou Big Gong and Drum "Double Biting Goose"

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Chaozhou drums and gongs "Double Bite Goose" from album "Chinese Music Map: Listening to Chaozhou drums and gongs in Guangdong"

Geese Fighting

Folk Music Chaozhou Da Luo Gu Ethnic Group: Han Region: Chaoshan Region, Guangdong Province

Drum: Huang Yupeng

Da Suona: Cai Ruihui, Zheng Canjie

Xiao Suona: Chen Huancong

Bamboo flute: Li Xiayun, Ding Ziyun

Sheng: Cai Junliang

Coconut Hu: Cai Xiaoxin

Erhu: Gu Chunsheng, Lin Yanqun, Gu Jiahao

Zhonghu: Ma Wenbin

Yangqin: Yang Hualin

Pipa: Yao Chi

Zhongruan; Chen Liyin

Guzheng: Xu Yishi

San Xian: Cai Xiaoqing

Cello: Huang Jialing

Drum: Huang Yupeng

Su Luo: Lin Jiyi

Douluo: Cai Taisheng, Yang Xiping, Xu Weiwen, He Jiawei

Big Cymbal: Xie Rong

Xiao Cymbal: Chen Yucan

Luo Zai: Cai Yanling

Yue Luo: Yu Qiongying

This fun song "Double Bite Goose" is a vivid reflection of the folk goose fighting customs in the Chaoshan region. The sound of gongs and drums thumping and banging creates a warm atmosphere, and the sound of suona is like the majestic lion headed goose raising its neck to the sky and chirping, leading to another big goose that is not willing to be outdone. It holds its head high and sways forward with small steps, and suddenly, with cold eyes, the one flapping its wings demonstrates. Suddenly, amidst the dense percussion of gongs and drums, two geese engaged in a fierce struggle for food, each refusing to give way. They advanced one way, retreated the other, thumped the other, and bit on the other. The suona, with its humorous and vivid tone, simulates the calls of two large geese, and even after a long struggle, there is no clear winner or loser. The child of the shepherd quickly separated the two big geese and drove them away happily.

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