Chaozhou music "Baizhou Exercise"

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Chaozhou music "Baizhou Exercise" from the album "Chinese music map to hear Guangdong Chaozhou flute sets, temples, fine music, silk strings"

Bai Zhou sang the Song of Rolling a Boat

Folk music Chaozhou Music Nationality: Han Nationality Area: Chaoshan area of Guangdong Province

Coconut Hu: CAI Xiaoxin

Pipa: Chen Liyin

Three Strings: CAI Xiaoqing

Guzheng: Xu Yi Shi

Guzheng gentle, coconut Hu sad, elegant Qinxin melody played slowly, tell a sad story, this song is also called "widow complaint", literati changed to "Baizhou exercise", legend of ancient a woman singing "Pan Bibo boat, in the river" to express their commitment to love. First listen to only feel deep sadness, and then listen to feel sad and not hurt, the tune is not noisy, not flashy, as if after the storm still do not change the original sincerity and noble, this is the firm love woman, is also a gentleman to cultivate moral, not because of poverty to change its section.

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Since its inception in 2003, Ruiming Music has adhered to the creation and ingenuity, and regards "making music with heart" as the brand concept of Ruiming music, striving to bring the audience more quality, taste of cultural aesthetic and artistic value pursuit.
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Organized by Susan on 2024-07-15
Student artists in Shanghai marked the summer holiday with a spectacular music event.
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Organized by chen on 2024-07-09
In this enthusiastic summer, a 58-day artistic feast covering 64 wonderful performances was officially kicked off. On the evening of July 5, the 31st "Open the Door to Art - 2024 Summer Art Festival" opened at the Zhongshan Park Music Hall in Beijing.
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Organized by 黑猫不是喵 on 2024-06-28
On the evening of June 26, Beijing Lao She Theater was illuminated with bright lights, and the intangible cultural heritage instrumental play "Light on the Axis" was grandly kicked off, presenting an audiovisual feast for the audience.
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Organized by 长乐 on 2024-06-24
On the evening of June 23, the bright lights in Yangzhou Concert Hall, where the notes of the integration of history and modern music stirred up a grand wave, Yangzhou's first large-scale music work - large-scale original ethnic orchestra "Yangtze River" grand premiere.
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Organized by 阿蘅 on 2024-06-20
It is a historic moment for the Chinese music industry. Legendary composer He Zhanhao, 91 years old and known as the soul maker of the Butterfly Lovers, recently announced that he will conduct the symphonic version of the guzheng concerto "Landscape" for a global audience with the Changchun Film Studio Symphony Orchestra.
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