Chinese Music Spring and Autumn "Jackdaw Playing in the Water" Guo Ying Yehu Performance

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"Jackdaw Playing in the Water" was performed by Guo Ying in 1996, and it is a Chaozhou folk music. This piece is beautiful in melody, fresh in style and unique in charm. It is called Chaoshan "Zhou Song" (Chaoshan, roughly referring to Chaozhou Prefecture), and it is the most poetic piece of the top ten pieces of Chaozhou's string poem "Soft Cover". The whole piece has a unique and elegant melody, fresh style, unique charm, bright and ups and downs, and interprets the scene of jackdaws in the water leisurely and contentedly, chasing and playing with each other.

Involving the artist

Guo Ying, a native of Chaoyang, Guangdong, is a representative of Chaozhou Zheng. Guo Ying's famous Chaozheng songs include "Jackdaw Playing in the Water" (recorded by China Records in the 1950s) and other works.
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Yehu (pinyin: yē hú) is a traditional Chinese rubbing stringed musical instrument. Popular in Hainan, Guangdong, Fujian and other provinces.

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Cantonese opera culture has a deep history in Qinglian. Qinglian established a Cantonese opera club very early. In the early days of liberation, there were three cultural prosperity of Cantonese opera clubs. At that time, business people also donated and built a special opera for Cantonese opera performances. shed.
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Zhang Jiawei, a huqin performer from the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, held a special Huqin music exchange at the small theater of the Taijiang District Cultural Center. At the scene, in the style of a talk show, he gave everyone 7 Huqin instruments in one breath: the Erquanqin specially tailored for the performance of "Erquan Reflecting the Moon", the coconut shell made of coconut shells for the speaker, and the Jinghu, Zhonghu, Erhu, Guangdong Gaohu, Xiqin.
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When playing, sit in a sitting position, place the qin barrel on the left leg (or sandwich it between the two legs), hold the qin in the left hand to press the strings, and hold the ponytail bow in the right hand to play between the two strings.
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The shape, materials, and craftsmanship of Yehu are similar to those of Qinqiang Banhu. It's just that the piano bar is slightly thinner and shorter, with a total length of 67 cm, and is made of hardwoods such as mahogany.
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Yehu, a traditional Chinese rubbing stringed musical instrument, is popular in Hainan, Guangdong, Fujian and other provinces. It is used in Cantonese music, Chaozhou music and local opera and quyi bands in Fujian and Hainan.
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