Folk music "Four Harmonious Bridge"

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Folk music "Four Harmony Ruyi Bridge" from the album "Chinese Music Map to hear the Guzheng music collection Su Chang"

Many Best Wishes (Bridge) Many best wishes (Bridge)

Folk music Biography: Wang Xunzhi Collation: Sun Wenyan Nationality: Han Nationality: Jiangnan

Guzheng: Su Chang

Xiao: Zhang Zhongzhong

"Sihe Ruyi" is originally a classic song of Jiangnan silk and bamboo, which is a traditional Daqu brought together by traditional silk and bamboo materials. The name of the Qupai itself has the meaning of a combination of multiple songs, and in the performance of a bit of bamboo alternate arrangement, so there is the alias of "Bridge". It is almost a source of Jiangnan silk and bamboo music, and many traditional songs of Jiangnan silk and bamboo music come from this mother.

This zither ensemble piece "Four harmonies" is adapted from Zhejiang zither school, which draws on the evolution and development of Hangzhou beach spring, Jiangnan silk and bamboo and folk music. It has very Jiangnan characteristics in playing style, and is exactly the same as the gentle and elegant character of Jiangnan people. The song "Four Harmonies", from the beautiful andante, through the allegro, allegro gradually climax, and finally in the warm atmosphere of the end, with a light and lively rhythm, clear and fresh tone, changeable and free playing power, and elegant melody describes the white walls and tiles, the soft water temperature of the Jiangnan, and the delicate and elegant mood of the Jiangnan people. In the performance of the music, the use of the simple accompaniment tone of the left hand and the smooth flower playing technique, and the style pays attention to the characteristics of "flower" (colorful), "thin" (slim), "light" (light), "small" (small), etc., so that it also retains more early characteristics of Jiangnan silk and bamboo music.

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Since its inception in 2003, Ruiming Music has adhered to the creation and ingenuity, and regards "making music with heart" as the brand concept of Ruiming music, striving to bring the audience more quality, taste of cultural aesthetic and artistic value pursuit.
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Xiao (pinyin: xiāo), divided into dongxiao and qinxiao. And because the flute has a hole, it is different from the pan flute without a hole, so it is called "dongxiao". The xiao has a long history, the sound is round and soft, quiet and elegant, suitable for solo and ensemble. It is generally made of bamboo with blow holes at the top.
Guzheng (pinyin: Gǔ Zhēng), also known as Hanzheng and Qinzheng, is an ancient national musical instrument of the Han nationality and is popular all over China. It is often used for solo, duet, instrumental ensemble and accompaniment of song and dance, opera and folk art. Because of its wide range, beautiful timbre, rich playing skills and strong expressiveness, it is known as the "King of Music", also known as "Oriental Piano", and is one of the unique and important national musical instruments in China.

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Organized by F.JCLOVE on 2024-02-25
"Autumn Moon in the Han Palace" is a classic Guzheng piece that has been passed down from ancient China. With its deep, distant, and sorrowful melody, it vividly depicts the lonely and vicissitudes of the Han Dynasty imperial palace under the autumn moon, expressing a deep emotion towards the passing glory and impermanence of the world.
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On June 28, 1983, Mr. Cao Zheng, the founder of guzheng education in New China, a famous educator, theorist and performer, presented "the origin of Zheng Tao" to Shaanxi Qin Zheng Society (formerly Xi 'an Qin Zheng Society), which officially started this period of 40 years of exploration.
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On December 10, 2023, the fourth Guzheng Art Festival in Tianjin was held to pay tribute to traditional Chinese guzheng music and explore the deep combination of guzheng music art and contemporary music aesthetic expression.
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In the first chapter of the performance section of the 19th Asian Games opening ceremony in Hangzhou, "National Style and Elegant Charm", a kite song "Misty Rain Dyed Jiangnan", which contains distinctive elements of Zhejiang local drama - Yue opera, brings people into the landscape artistic conception and humanistic painting of Jiangnan. Let the audience, especially the audience from Jiangsu and Zhejiang, immerse themselves in it and be filled with emotion. The solo performance was performed by Yuan Sha, professor and doctoral supervisor of the Central Conservatory of Music.
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On August 6, Wang Xiaochen's special guzheng symphony concert was successfully staged in Shandong Provincial Grand Theatre. The concert was organized by Shandong Performance Co., LTD., Shandong Zhongyan Culture Communication Co., LTD., and China Oriental Symphony Orchestra was specially invited to perform together.
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