Folk music "Long Drum Length"

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Folk song "Shanggu Chang" from album "Chinese Music Map Hear Jilin Tartar, Daegeum, Hengdi, Changgu Music Collection"

Long Drum Long and short. Long drum long and short

Folk music Nationality: Korean Region: Jilin

Changgu: Jin Kyung-soo

In addition to accompanying folk rap and being used as a lead instrument in folk ensembles, the long drum is also often used in dance performances. Shonggu solo originally belongs to the Korean agricultural music, that is, the traditional music played by farmers during work or festival activities to add fun. The "length" in the title is a general term for rhythm patterns in traditional Korean music. "Long drum length" refers to the most gorgeous and difficult rhythm in agricultural music. In this song, the long drum drummer strikes a complex rhythm with cadence, expressing complex and delicate thoughts and feelings, but also showing superb playing skills.

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Since its inception in 2003, Ruiming Music has adhered to the creation and ingenuity, and regards "making music with heart" as the brand concept of Ruiming music, striving to bring the audience more quality, taste of cultural aesthetic and artistic value pursuit.
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There are three common types of long drums (pinyin: cháng gǔ), one is the Korean long drum, the other is the Yao nationality long drum, and the other is the Fuzhou wolf string. The Korean long drum is mainly popular in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of Jilin Province and other areas inhabited by Koreans, also known as Fugu. The Yao nationality long drum has been circulated in the Song Dynasty. It is mostly made of Yanzhi wood with fine craftsmanship. It is mainly used for dance accompaniment. Fuzhou wolf string, also known as Fuzhou long drum, is a traditional Fujian folk percussion instrument, which is mostly used in Fujian folk music.

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The first and foremost is to master a good "hands". At the same time, there must be formal and easy-to-understand playing techniques and playing skills. Of course, these alone are not enough.
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When playing, the long drum is placed flat on a special drum stand or table. One person can slap one end of the drum face with his hands, or two people can slap the drum face at both ends.
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The Yao nationality long drum is finely made, beautiful in appearance, slender and slender, mostly made of yanzhi wood. The whole log is made by turning the car. In the same way, the shape is in the shape of two inverted trumpets, and the drum openings at both ends are relatively thick, slightly thick and empty, forming two resonating drum cavities. The middle drum waist is relatively small.
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With a long history, the long drum originated from the ancient slender-waisted drum. From the aspects of its shape and characteristics, popular regions and usage occasions, it has many similarities with the yellow mud drum. Its drum shape is similar to that of the public yellow mud drum.
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At the foot of Dayao Mountain in Guangxi, in northern Guangdong and southwestern Hunan, there are industrious and intelligent Yao people. Since ancient times, the Yao people have created a variety of cultural arts.
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