Hainan characteristic instrument nose flute performance
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The nose flute, a characteristic instrument of Hainan, is a musical instrument commonly used by young Li people to express their love. Both men and women can play it. In the Li family, the marriage is based on whether the nose flute is good or not, and the nose flute can be exchanged as a token of affection. This is how the Li family has been passed down from generation to generation, and the nose flute has been passed down to this day.

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The nose flute (pinyin: bí xiāo), also known as although Lao, Tunka, Yuanha, is a fringe gas-sounding instrument of the Li nationality in Hainan Island.

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Among the bamboo and wood musical instruments of the Li nationality, the nose flute is rare in China, and it is unique in the music hall. The nose flute is closely related to the love life of Li nationality youths, and it is one of the instruments commonly used by Li nationality youths to express their love.
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At the age of 17, Huang Hailin joined the Song and Dance Troupe of Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County and became a dancer. There, she met Huang Zhaoan, a national-level inheritor of bamboo and wood instrumental music of the Li nationality. Influenced by this instrumental music master, Huang Hailin decided to give up dancing and switch to the nose flute.
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The nose flute is named after playing with the nostrils. The musical instruments commonly used by Li youths to express their love, there is also a love story about the production of the nose flute.
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The nose flute is a musical instrument with edge sound and chirp, so it is called the flute blowing through the nose. The blowing hole is located in the middle of the pipe end section, which is popular among the Li people in Hainan Island. It has a long history and has been circulated among the people on Hainan Island in my country more than a thousand years ago.
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The nose flute is a distinctive edge-edge air-sounding instrument of the Li nationality, named after it is played with the nostrils. The following is an introduction to the performance of the nose flute.
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