Huangmei Opera "One hundred years Old hanging a commander today is my old body longevity"

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Huangmei Opera "Today is the old body of my Qianqiu birthday" from the album "Chinese music map to hear Anhui Huangmei Opera classic verse"

Being in Command at 100 Years Old. Being in command at 100 years old.

Opera Huangmei Opera Lyrics: Anonymous Composition: Anonymous Nationality: Han Nationality: Anqing, Anhui Province

Lao Dan: Wang Yihong

Master Drum: Liu Shengli

Main Hu: Wang Mou

Bamboo flute: Liu Fupei

Erhu: Zhu Mengdi

Dulcimer: Chen Bei

Pipa: Ouyang Huiru

Sheng: Zhang Anxing

"Today is the old body I Qianqiu birthday" from Huangmei Opera "one hundred years old hanging handsome". During the Northern Song Dynasty, the Western Xia invaded and Yang Zongbao, the general manager, was killed by an arrow. At this time, at this time Tianbo House is holding a banquet to celebrate the birthday, afraid of the centenarian old lady can not bear the sad news, the whole family with tears, forced to smile. Old lady see Mu Guiying a cup of drunk, Chai county in a trance, big doubt, and see others look uncertain, ask again and again, beginning to know the truth. The old lady with a hundred years old body, personally hang the commander, Yang men female general to the war. Gongs and drums are loud but not noisy, bright but not fierce, not solemn soldiers, but warm birthday wishes. High-spirited and mellow singing, can be seen in the centenarian old lady Jun did not reduce the heroic gas, visible Yangmen's style. And the beautiful silk string embellishment, and see the delicate and exquisite heart in Yingzi and valiant.

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