Local opera Liu Wenlong's Examination

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Local opera Liu Wenlong from the album "Chinese music map to hear Anhui Qingyang Cavity, Tano cavity, Nuo Opera classical passages"

Liu Wenlong Rushing to the Exam. Liu Wenlong rushing to the exam

Local opera Guichi Nuo Opera Nationality: Han Nationality: Anhui Province

Singing: Zhang Dengwen

Si Gu: Wang Guoshu

Cymbals: Wang Dong Dong

Big Gong: Wang Deyi

Little Gong: Wang Guoqing

Liu Wenlong said goodbye to his new wife Xiao, and went to Beijing to take the exam. However, someone covets Xiao, rumor Liu Wenlong is dead, Liu Fu listen to, forced Xiao to remarry, Xiao Xiao refused to allow, secretly ask the immortal dream of Wen Long. Wenlong dream, resign home, family reunion. The gongs and drums are solemn and loud, indicating that a solemn ceremony will be held. People put on simple masks, play the role, and tell the ups and downs of sorrow and joy in the ancient singing style handed down by their ancestors. The singing voice is long, with the tender affection, through the distant time and space, through the heaven and the earth, sing the human story to the gods, tell a Naji wish for good luck.

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Since its inception in 2003, Ruiming Music has adhered to the creation and ingenuity, and regards "making music with heart" as the brand concept of Ruiming music, striving to bring the audience more quality, taste of cultural aesthetic and artistic value pursuit.
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Organized by 黑猫不是喵 on 2024-06-14
June 8 is the Cultural and Natural Heritage Day. Songjiang Four Seasons Village Evening Summer Exhibition and "Intangible heritage into the community" Jiangnan silk and Bamboo special performance was recently held in Jiuting Town Community Cultural Activity Center, 12 classic folk music pieces played in rotation, for the audience to bring a audio-visual feast.
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On the evening of June 10, the second performance of the 2024 Nanjing Yangtze River Folk Music Festival, "When Silk Bamboo Meets Wind Music", kicked off at the riverside lawn of Nanjing International Youth Culture Park. Six top Chinese orchestras from the Yellow River and the Yangtze River Basin played "Our Festival" together with classic folk music.
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Nishang Yuyi Song, known as the peak of ancient Chinese dance music, is the treasure of Tang Dynasty music and dance culture, representing the high integration of music, dance and poetry art at that time.
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Organized by 一杯清酒 on 2024-02-21
"General's Order", as a very representative ancient military music in Chinese traditional music, carries the long history and culture of the Chinese nation and the deep feelings of the family.
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Organized by 陌上花 on 2024-02-21
"Qinglian Yuefu", as a shining pearl in Chinese classical music, not only carries rich historical and cultural connotation, but also embodies the essence of ancient Chinese music art.
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