Ren Tongxiang suona playing "Spring and Autumn with Henan Opera"

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Ren Tongxiang's suona playing "Spring and Autumn with Henan Opera" comes from the album "Han River Love".

Its playing is clean, unhurried, and beautiful in tone. Also actively engaged in the creation of suona music, self-composed and performed. His works include "One Branch of Flower", "Fengyang Songs with Eight Boards", "Wedding Song", "Early Spring in Cold River", "Celebrating a Prosperous Year", etc., all of which have been recorded into records and have been widely circulated.

For a long time, Ren Tongxiang has been enthusiastic about teaching and has trained many suona performers for music schools and art groups.

This album also includes six famous suona songs played by Ding Xun and Liu Ying.

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Ren Tongxiang is a famous suona player in my country. He played (created and composed by himself) many famous suona songs, such as "Hundred Birds Chaofeng", "One Flower", "Carrying the Sedan chair", "Celebrating the Harvest", "Wedding Song", "Standing in the Clouds", etc., which amazed the audience. forget. It was Ren Tongxiang who took the lead in making my country's national musical instruments win the first prize in international music competitions, winning honors for the motherland and adding brilliance to national musical instruments.
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Suona (pinyin: suǒ nà) is a Chinese double-reed woodwind instrument. Also called Suannai, trumpet, advocacy. The traditional suona is composed of five parts: whistle, air card, intruder, rod and bowl.

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Erba Ban is a suona solo piece that enjoys a high reputation in the field of traditional Chinese music. With its unique rhythm and distinctive local characteristics, it vividly shows the charm of traditional Chinese music.
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Nostalgia Song is a popular suona solo solo music in traditional Chinese instrumental music. It stands out among many compositions and is loved by the majority of listeners for its deep and strong emotional expression, unique musical language and strong local flavor.
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As a solo suona piece with the characteristics of The Times and the atmosphere of life, it vividly depicts the life scene in the rural areas of China in the last century, showing the social changes in that particular historical period and the people's yearning for a better life.
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Among the treasures of Chinese national instrumental music, the suona solo pieces Fengyang Song and Houba Ban have become indispensable classics in the field of traditional music with their unique artistic charm and profound historical and cultural heritage.
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As a popular Chinese traditional suona solo piece, A Flower is a shining pearl in the treasure house of Chinese national instrumental music.
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