Shangjiang Dialect of Brahma - "April 8"
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"April 8" - Brahma Chant in Shangjiang Dialect
April 8 Descending the Palace
Immortals come together
The king of pure rice, Princess Mo's night dream, the golden lion's roar
There is Kowloon's long spitting water to bathe the prince's body
Lighting the lamp, smiling, smiling, all the Buddhas
Qu Tanzi shoots through the nine-layer iron drum
Years are in the present
Nanwu Xiang Yungai Bodhisattva Mahasattva

Involving musical instruments

Yunqing (pinyin: Yún qìng) is often used in religious music and is a dharma instrument used by monasteries. Also known as "Induction Chime". A percussion instrument.

Involving news

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In the morning and evening homework and daily Buddhist affairs, there are several kinds of instruments that are commonly used. The postures used can be summarized as follows: the chime is drawn to the mouth, the wooden fish is put together, the pan is facing the face, the hafnium is flat-chested, and the hand drum is holding the moon.
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Cloud chimes are often used in religious music and are used in monasteries. Also known as "Induction Chime". percussion. The shape is the same as that of the bowl-shaped sitting chime. The shape is very small, the body of the chime is made of copper, and it is shaped like a wine cup. The diameter of the chime is only 7 cm, and it is placed on the top of a long wooden handle, with a total length of about 35 cm. The wooden handle is decorated with stripes.
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A chime is a stone percussion instrument that may have evolved from some kind of flaky stone labor tool. The chime was called "stone" and "singing ball" in ancient times. A stone chime was found at the Dongxia Fengxia cultural site in Xia County, Shanxi Province. , The overall hit is very rough, and some edges and corners are sharp, and it can still make a crisp sound when struck.
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