[Xun] Ten ancient songs "Han Palace Autumn Moon"
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[Xun] Ten ancient songs "Han Palace Autumn Moon" by the B station up the main xun Wu Su Xin performed.

Autumn Moon of Han Palace is one of the famous ten ancient songs.

I took "Yingzhou Ancient tune Pipa Music" as the model, translated its Gongchi music into simple music, and organized it into Xun music. The use of green wide range G-tone xun "all as 4" fingling to play, not only covers the range of music, but also retains the original recorded tone of the music "B key (A key)". According to the style of the song and the artistic conception expressed in the Xun song, the three passages of the music are added to the paragraph names: the first paragraph is "full of Qing Hui", the second paragraph is "full moon meditation", and the third paragraph is "deep palace locked in love". Tao Xun deep thick and deep feeling of the tone, so that the mood of this sad, sad, beautiful music can be interpreted.

The first paragraph is "The full court is clear and bright". The song begins with a soothing and light rhythm, and the glissodes and long sounds appear in many places to create a quiet theme background of the whole song - the full moon is getting on, the breeze is slowly blowing, the autumn is getting cool, like the moonlight spilling over the courtyard, the beauty leaning against the window gazing at the moon, her thoughts are gradually rising.

The second paragraph "full moon contemplation". To undertake the front of the bedding, the mood rises, the rhythm is significantly accelerated, and gradually become rapid. At the end the pitch gradually lowers and slows back to the theme. Seemingly cheerful rhythm, but it is still a sad rhythm. It deeply depicts the psychological change process of complex thoughts when the woman in the palace is full of the moon, sublimating the artistic conception of the music from the intuitive feeling to the expression of the inner emotions of the characters: the bright moon in the palace, the full moon everywhere, singing and dancing, full of happiness and peace. But these beautiful does not belong to me, it is so close to me, but so far away. Deeply buried in the bottom of my heart, my hometown relatives, that once was beautiful, but because of the walls and can not be obtained. The thoughts have the joy of missing the family at home, the sadness and anger of being in the cold and deep palace, and the determination to fight against fate! It shows a very rich emotional change, and finally returns to a calm and natural music atmosphere, which makes people feel the same!

The third paragraph "deep palace locked love". Tunes from a slightly tense atmosphere gradually relaxed into a calm natural talk. Melody wandering in the bass zone, the "sad but not hurt" mood is extremely three-dimensional, so that the melody is more elegant and dignified. The theme of the music has been sublimated, although all the feelings of the woman in the deep palace are locked inside the palace wall, not their aspirations, even if they can not win anything for themselves, but also in the calm and calm face of life.

Involving the artist

Xun Zhe Wu Suxin is an up master in the music area of station B. He currently has 89,000 fans. His videos are mainly Xun renditions. sheet music and fingering tables.
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Involving musical instruments

Xun (pinyin: xūn) is a closed-mouthed wind instrument unique to the Han nationality. It occupies an important position in the history of primitive art in the world.

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Organized by 愛 on 2023-06-28
The 2022 Chinese National Music Inheritance and Publishing Project boutique publishing project "Translation and Annotation of Tanghu Xunpu" was recently published by Tianjin Ancient Books Publishing House. This is the first systematic compilation and proofreading of China's first Xunpu "Tanghu Xunpu".
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Meet the romantic Taoxun, and slowly taste the intangible cultural heritage. Xun is an ancient wind instrument in my country with a history of six or seven thousand years. The Taoxun performance skills project was listed as the sixth batch of representative projects of intangible cultural heritage in Xi'an.
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In our Ningjin County, Dezhou City, there is a xun maker, Pu Shutang, who is the representative inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of the Tanghu xun production process. Today we came to Pu Shutang's studio to experience the unique charm of Xun, an "earth" musical instrument.
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Organized by 不知桃夏 on 2022-06-20
In order to protect and inherit ancient xun performance skills, the "Xun Lefang", an intangible cultural heritage ancient xun inheritance and promotion organization authorized by the Fujian provincial representative project protection unit, officially opened classes on June 12, and at the same time in Xiamen City Hongkong. The inauguration ceremony of Shan Academy was held.
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Li Yunlin, a famous domestic xun maker, is pruning the newly planted bittershui roses in the back garden of his studio. "After a while, I will build a small pavilion here, and in summer, I can take the children to play xun in the pavilion..."
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