Shen Fengquan

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Introduction to Shen Fengquan(erhu)Master performer,composer

Shen Fengquan, male, born in January 1934, Han nationality, from Shanghai. The representative inheritors of the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage projects Jiangnan Sizhu.

character experience

Shen Fengquan, erhu performer, educator, national first-class actor. He is a member of the Chinese Musicians Association, the consultant of the Erhu Society of the Chinese Musicians Association, the chairman of the Erhu Professional Committee of the Zhejiang Musicians Association, the consultant of the Huqin Professional Committee of the China National Orchestra Society, the vice president of the Zhejiang National Orchestra Society, and the Zhejiang Jiangnan Sizhu Music Society. long wait.

In 1953, he was admitted to the High School Affiliated to Shanghai Conservatory of Music

In 1956, he was promoted to the erhu major of the Folk Music Department of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, under the tutelage of Professor Lu Xiutang

Graduated early in November 1958. Worked as the chief erhu player of the folk band of Zhejiang Folk Song Troupe (now Zhejiang Song and Dance Theater)

In February 1973, he taught at Zhejiang Art School (now Zhejiang Art Vocational School) until his retirement in September 1995.

In the summer of 1986, the Jiangnan Sizhu and Erhu classes were held.

In 1992, a six-month-long Jiangnan Sizhu and Erhu Rotational Training Course was held. All the trainees came from Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Xi'an, Harbin and other places, including erhu experts, graduate students and national first-class performers from the Conservatory of Music, Art Academy, and art groups. .

Achievement honor

In 1983, he participated in the Hangzhou Jiangnan Sizhu Ensemble to perform and give lectures in Hong Kong, and then went to Beijing, Tianjin and other places to tour and give lectures.

TV art film - "Jiangnan Sizhu" arranges, performs, and serves as music art director.

During his studies at the Conservatory of Music, he composed music for the modern Shanghai dramas "Red Flowers Blooming on the Ground", "The Eve of the Revolution" and "The Dark Whistle in Yangcheng".

The Jiangnan Sizhu music, which has been arranged, arranged and performed in person, has been recorded and distributed at home and abroad as records, cassettes and videotapes.

On November 2, 2021, it is planned to be selected into the public list of the qualified inheritors of the national intangible cultural heritage in Zhejiang Province. [2]

On May 23, 2022, the evaluation result of Zhejiang Province's 2021 national-level representative inheritor of intangible cultural heritage inheritance activities was qualified (public announcement). [3]

main works


"Jiangnan Sizhu Music Selection" Bamboo Weaving

Deputy Editor-in-Chief of "Jiangnan Sizhu Music Completion"


"Analysis of Erhu Stringing Techniques from the Viewpoint of Mechanics"

"The Art of Editing and Performing Techniques of "Slow Three Six"

Arranging, arranging, composing tracks

Jiangnan Sizhu Ensemble "Little Nishang, Erhu Ensemble "Slow Sanliu", "Zhonghua Liuban"

Erhu Solo Pieces "Happy Song", "Cloud Celebration", "Pine and Cypress Evergreen", "Sing a Folk Song for the Party"

Female Solo Song "Embroidered Handkerchief"

Character evaluation

Influenced by his father and uncle since childhood, Master Shen Fengquan loved Jiangnan Sizhu music. The Jiangnan silk and bamboo music played by him is gorgeous, rich and sweet. It not only maintains the traditional performance characteristics, but also integrates various techniques of modern erhu. The addition of flowers to the melody and the decorative techniques of performance have formed a personalized artistic style, known as the Pudong Nanhui School, and the founder of the Jiangnan Sizhu Erhu Performance Nanhui School. Compilation of musical scores and audio and video recordings. It has been accepted by many music and art schools as teaching materials and spread all over the world, especially in Southeast Asian countries.

Reference materials and contributors

Similar artist

Xiong Qi, Director of the Instrumental Music Teaching and Research Section of the Conservatory of Music of Changsha University, young backbone teacher of ordinary colleges and universities in Hunan Province, double qualified teacher, and national first-class performer; President of Huqin Professional Committee of Hunan Ethnic Orchestra Association.
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Lu Yiwen, a Chinese erhu player, a young erhu teacher at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, a director of the Erhu Society of the Chinese National Orchestra Society, and the winner of the Golden Bell Award, the highest award of Chinese music, and the Wenhua Award.
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Qi Jianda, male, born in 1954. Jiangsu Nanjing native, Han nationality, erhu performer, educator, national first-class actor.
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Involving musical instruments

Erhu (Pinyin: Erhu) originated in the Tang Dynasty, called "Xiqin", and has a history of more than a thousand years. It is a traditional Chinese stringed instrument. Erhu, or Erxian Huqin, also known as "Nanhu" and "Omzi", is one of the main bowed and stringed instruments (wiping strings) in the Chinese national musical instrument family.

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Organized by 日记里的汤姆 on 2023-12-25
Anyone who studies Erhu knows that rosin is an essential auxiliary material for playing erhu. In modern erhu, rosin is applied to the bow to increase the friction of the bow hair, increase the friction on the strings, so that the erhu makes a normal sound, basically, if the rosin is not properly applied, the friction of the erhu bow on the strings is usually slippery and difficult to make a sound, so it can be said that the auxiliary material of rosin is crucial for the erhu.
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Organized by Eno Elvis on 2023-11-01
Erhu performer Ma Xiaohui returned to Shanghai on Oct 31 after his US tour. Over the past month or so, she has crossed the Pacific Ocean with an erhu, walked into the United Nations headquarters, the city of music Nashville and other places, and kept conveying beauty, love and peace with music.
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Recently, by the Fengxian District national intangible heritage project "Jiangnan Sun Erhu Art" representative inheritor Ruyi and Nine trees Philharmonic Orchestra brought the cooperation of "Reinterpretation of" civilization "- large-scale multimedia Sun Wenming Erhu scene concert was held in Nine trees (Shanghai) Future Art Center.
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This erhu concert, planned by Chinese artist and erhu performer Zhang Bin in Japan, has been held for 18 sessions since 2006, rain or shine. It not only made many Japanese people in Nagoya fall in love with the erhu, but also brought more Japanese people closer to Chinese culture through the erhu.
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Recently, the final of the 14th Chinese Music Golden Bell Award Erhu Competition in Hunan Province, sponsored by Hunan Literary and Art Association and Hunan Musicians Association, hosted by Shaoyang University and co-organized by the Erhu Society of the Provincial Music Association, came to a successful conclusion at the Lvting Concert Hall of the School of Music and Dance in Shaoyang University.
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