Bass Aichi

Bass Aijie (Pinyin dī yīn ài jié kè), also known as Harzak, is a Uyghur stringed instrument. In the Qing Dynasty, it was included in the Jiabu music. There are two kinds of Aijie musical instruments: one still retains the resonant strings, and the other has no resonant strings, and the latter one is commonly used.


  • Chinese name:Bass Aichi
  • material:wood
  • alias:Halzak
  • Pinyin:dī yīn ài jié kè
In the 1960s, the musicians of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Song and Dance Troupe cooperated with the Uyghur musical instrument makers of the Urumqi Yidi Boke Musical Instrument Factory to design and develop the bass Aijie.
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When playing, take a seated position with a slightly upright chest, place a wooden tail post or a meniscus seat on the left leg (the bass Aijik is placed on the ground, and the two legs are clamped), support the piano rod with the left hand, and press the strings with the fingertips. , the right hand holds a ponytail bow dipped in rosin and played outside the strings. The method of using the bow is the same as that of the erhu.
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