dulcimer history

There is not much information about the performance of the dulcimer, but the most classic one is that the detailed description is in the "Qing Barnyard Notes" written by Xu Ke in the Qing Dynasty (Jin Chiquan listens to the yangqin). The original text is as follows: The Qin Kong Sanser of the Cloud and the Harmony, the best person thinks about the middle rhythm. Pao sacrifice does n...
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According to historical records, before the Middle Ages, in Assyria, Persia and other ancient Middle Eastern countries, there was a popular dulcimer called santurqin. In the Ming Dynasty (1368~1644), with the increasingly close friendly exchanges between China and West Asia and East Asia, the santurqin was introduced to my country by sea from Persia.  It was only popular in Guangdong...
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