Five-string Pipa operating guide

Pipa can be divided into five-string Pipa and Pipa. At present, there are very few people who play the five-stringed pipa, and most people choose to play the pipa. So, what is the difference between the five-stringed lute and the lute? 1. The five-stringed pipa has a greater advantage than the pipa when it expresses intense emotions and majestic momentum. Because there is on...
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At the turn of the Han and Wei Dynasties, musicians from the Western Regions brought the five-string pipa. Its shape is similar to the four-string pipa. The resonance box is mostly half-pear-shaped. There are ten frets on the panel. Three right two. The strings use silk strings, the two outer strings use substrings (the same tuning is also used), and inwards are the middle strings...
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