Hu Qin history

When it comes to huqin, people are familiar with it. So far, folk drum artists have a saying: Dou Mi Suona, Tam Mi Huqin. That is to say, if you learn to play the suona, you can master it after eating a bucket of rice, and if you learn to play the huqin, you need to eat a load of rice. It shows that learning to play the huqin is not achieved overnight, it takes a lot of effort. China is a...
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Huqin is one of the Chinese national musical instruments. It is a stringed musical instrument that uses bowed strings to rub the strings to make them vibrate to produce sound. It comes from the northern ethnic groups. Tang and Song Dynasties The huqin is both a stringed and a stringed instrument, with both playing methods. Ouyang Xiu, a literati in the Northern Song Dynasty who w...
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