Konghou history

Open the picture scroll of the history of Zhongmu, there are many humanistic stories on the alluvial plain of the Yellow River in Zhongmu. Among them, the legend of Konghou City not only has its beautiful legends, but also has mysterious historical sites. Musical instruments are still widely used on the big stage of music today. (Gate of Konghou City Ruins Park) "The Legen...
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The ancient konghou can be roughly divided into vertical konghou and lying konghou. Among them, the early Lying Konghou appeared in the state of Chu in the Spring and Autumn Period, and has the same origin as the Guqin, but its long resonance box panel has the same taste as the pipa, which is the main difference between it and the qinse in shape; or percussion. The vertical kongho...
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Konghou has a long history, a long history, a wide range, soft and clear timbre, and strong expressiveness. In addition to the use of court music in ancient times, it was also widely spread among the people. It is now commonly used for solo, ensemble and singing and dancing accompaniment, and is used in large national orchestras. Tang Dynasty Du You's "Tongdian": "Han Wudi made Le...
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