Lyra operating guide

When playing the lyre, you can take two postures, sitting or standing. When playing in a sitting position, place the piano bar diagonally in front of the chest, place the piano barrel on or outside the right leg, and tilt the headstock to the upper left, forming a 45° angle; when playing in a standing position, hang the strap on the neck, and the piano bar is inclined. In front of the chest, th...
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The shape, structure and materials of the Tianqin are all unique. What is particularly special is that the headstock and the stem are made of three pieces of wood, without a single nail or a little glue. Lyra structure The lyre is composed of a barrel, a headstock, a stem, a peg, a bridge, and strings. The qin barrel is in the shape of a flat cone, the barrel cavity is made of gourd shell...
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