Citic Bank's "Pipipa" New Year concert begins happily

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The old year ends and the New Year begins. After a busy year, people will soon return home from all over the world to celebrate the festival with their families. On January 5, the day of minor Cold, China Citic Bank and music producer Liu Jialiang brought a pipa arpeggio full of blessings, opening a New Year concert with the theme of "Pipa Pipa", to send warmth to customers.

Citic Bank's

When Minor Cold meets the "warm" CITIC Bank, a lot of warmth is added to the cold season. This time, China Citic Bank Spring Festival concert, has received great attention from all walks of life. The melodious Pipa arpeggio "Pipipa Pa New Year Hair" is full of creativity, incorporating elements such as coins, money counting machines and the sound of counting money. Listeners can also customize their own music by selecting musical elements according to their preferences. The sound of wealth of pppapa, together into a beautiful pipa arpeggio, listeners can listen to "pipa pa", while feeling the temperature of wealth.

It is worth mentioning that after "Pipipa Pa New Year Hair" pipa arpeggio was released on NetEase cloud music platform, it hit the top of the music appreciation list and received many praises. Friends can listen to NetEase cloud music search [Pipipa pa New Year hair], in the beautiful music, open the Spring Festival overture.

In addition to enjoying pleasant music online, the "Pipipa Pa" Chinese New Year concert of CITIC Bank also has a special flash mob activity. On the day of the activity, the creative device full of music elements and wealth elements, accompanied by the emotional performance of Mr. Liu Jialiang, attracted many friends to enter the 24-hour self-service bank of China Citic Bank. While enjoying the music in immersion, they could punch in the card and take pictures as a souvenir. They could also get exquisite small gifts from China Citic Bank.

Citic Bank's

Involving musical instruments

Pipa (pinyin: pí pa), the first plucked instrument, is a traditional plucked instrument in East Asia, a plucked stringed musical instrument. Made of wood or bamboo, the speaker is half-pear-shaped and has four strings on the top. It was originally made of silk thread, but now it is mostly made of steel wire, steel rope and nylon.

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