How to play dong dong ku

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Dongdongku is a Tujia single-reed air-sounding instrument. In Tujia language, it is called Zaogude, also known as Dadaili.

How to play dong dong ku

When playing dong dong ku, the tube body is placed upright. For those with three holes, the index finger of the left hand presses the third hole, the middle finger and index finger of the right hand press the first and second holes respectively, and the ring finger supports the pipe under the sound hole; Press the other three holes. The mouth contains the first reed of the tube, and the sound is made by blowing the air drum. The pitch of the dong dong ku varies with the length of the tube and the position of the sound hole, and four or five notes can be played.

The three-hole dongdongku sound is listed as: g, c1, d1, e1 or c1, d1, e1, g1. The four-hole dongdongku sound is listed as: g, c1, d1, e1, g1 or c1, d1, e1, g1, a1. The third hole can play various decorative sounds.

The sound of dong dong ku is soft and rich. Can be used solo or in ensemble, often two together. Mainly there are playing techniques such as percussion, appoggiance and vibrato.

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Dongdongku (pinyin: dōng dōng kuī), also known as early ancient de, dumbli, Tujia single-reed gas-sounding musical instrument, popular in Hunan Province, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture.

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The body of the dong dong kui is made of bamboo, and it is mostly made of thin bamboo tubes with bamboo joints at the head end. The length and thickness of the tube vary. Generally, the length of the tube is 15 cm to 20 cm, and the inner diameter of the tail end is 0.8 cm to 1 cm.
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