Shakuhachi playing technique

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The most used shakuhachi technique is Meri, also known as swooping. The ups and downs technique is the characteristic of Shakuhachi's light and dark tone.

Shakuhachi playing technique

There is also a very common initial sound in the shakuhachi technique. This technique is equivalent to the abdominal tremolo of other wind instruments, but the principle is different.

The abdominal tremolo is the effect of controlling the volume of a large or small sound to produce a sound, and the first tremolo is a sound that controls the level of the sound to produce the sound of a sound. The so-called shakuhachi-flavored first tremor is one of the special techniques of shakuhachi.

Another heavyweight skill of shakuhachi is chi-chongyin. Many friends who know shakuhachi are because of Naruto's soundtrack, and Naruto inserts the part of shakuhachi's performance and uses a lot of chi-chongyin techniques.

Once you have mastered the above three shakuhachi techniques, the characteristic charm of shakuhachi will come out.

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Shakuhachi (pinyin: Chǐ bā), an ancient Chinese traditional musical instrument, was introduced to Japan during the Tang and Song Dynasties. Made of bamboo, with cinnabar mixed with lacquer on the inside to fill the (ground) incision, it is now five holes (the first four and the last one). Vast, but also can show the ethereal, quiet artistic conception.

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Today I would like to share my recent learning to play the bamboo wind instrument: the difference between the Shakuhachi Dongxiao (Nanxiao) in playing, which is a summary of the levels of [Shakuhachi Fei (Conventional) Professional Players] and [Dongxiao Fei (Conventional) Professional Players]. make a hypothesis. I also hope that all Shakuhachi fans will verify and witness it.
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At present, most of the shakuhachi are made of bamboo tubes, and a good high-grade bamboo shakuhachi can be as little as several thousand, and it can be tens of thousands. It is not uncommon for bamboo to crack due to stress shrinkage due to careless maintenance in the dry seasons of autumn and winter.
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Whether Shakuhachi and Xiao are related is difficult to verify. The shakuhachi is made of bamboo roots, with no bottom in the middle. The tube body is one chi-eight inch. The mouth of the shakuhachi is cut out in the shape of a half-moon. There are four pressing holes on the front and one on the back.
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