The structure and playing method of Aiji

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The shape of Aijie is unique and unique. The barrel is spherical, and the inner side of the piano is covered with python skin, so that the resonance body forms two hemispheres. It is mainly used to play folk music and classical music. One of the characteristic national instrumental music.

The structure and playing method of Aiji

There are pronunciation holes around the Aijie, the sound range is about three octaves, there are 1-3 main strings, and there are 5-10 resonant strings at both ends of the lower pole. The sound has a combination of board surface vibration and leather surface vibration. Effect.

When playing, stand the bottom column on the left leg or sandwich it between the two legs, hold the piano with the left to press the strings, and hold the bow with the right to play. Play a wide variety of beautiful slides, overtones, chords and ornaments.

Aijie generally has two main strings, and there are several resonance strings under the strings of the main strings. The bow is made of bamboo pieces and ponytails. When playing, the main strings are rubbed with a bow, and the other strings play the role of resonance. .

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Aijie (pinyin: jié kè) is also known as Harzak. Originated from Uyghur folk. Popular in Xinjiang, such as Maigaiti, Bachu, Avati, Kashgar, Shache and Kuqa.