To share the specific steps of the maintenance method of Tong Qin

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Tongqin is a more important musical instrument among the national musical instruments, so the owner of the musical instrument needs to take care of it carefully. Here are a few tips for maintaining and maintaining the barrel.

To share the specific steps of the maintenance method of Tong Qin

  1. The size of the tube is large, so be careful when placing it during practice or rehearsal. Do not bump the telescopic tube, resulting in inflexibility of movement. You can purchase a special holder for the canister, which can be used for the canister placement.
  2. The inner and outer tubes of the telescopic tube should be kept clean, and should be cleaned with a soft brush and a soft dry cloth for three to four days.
  3. Practice playing indoors as much as possible, so as not to blow the telescopic tube outdoors and enter the dust and damage the inner and outer tubes.
  4. Clean the tube once every two weeks. When cleaning, you can drop one or two drops of the tube cleaning solution or household detergent, and rinse it repeatedly until it is clean. Keep the canister clean.
  5. After each playing, be sure to remove the water in the speaker body and in the telescopic tube to prevent the accumulated water from corroding the speaker tube.
  6. The tuning tube should be kept lubricated frequently, and the lubricating oil should be changed once a month.
  7. It is forbidden to use any copper-wiping cleaners on the outside of the body, because a good barrel is protected by a layer of paint, such as copper-wiping cleaners, it will damage the appearance of the barrel. If the body is not clean, you can moisten it with a soft cloth or chamois or wipe it with breath.
  8. Do not wipe with detergent after playing.
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Tongqin (pinyin: Tongqin), also known as "mang tube", "tongdong", "tongdong", "big copper horn" and so on. It is a Tibetan and Mongolian wind instrument and a very important bass instrument in the Lamaist band. It is popular in lama temples in Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Sichuan, Gansu and other places. It has a history of more than 1,100 years in Tibetan areas.

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Tongqin is played by trained lamas. When playing, one end of the trumpet is placed on the ground or on a wooden frame, and the player holds the upper end of the instrument with both hands.
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The barrel Qin is made of copper (very few silver), which is popular in Tibetan areas. The upper section is the thinnest and the lower section is the thickest. When not in use, the upper and middle tubes can be folded one by one and placed in the lower tube.
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