Zero basic suona tutorial: how to learn suona well

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Suona is a kind of national wind music. Its timbre is bright and beautiful, and it is loved by the majority of fans. As a kind of national wind music, suona used to be used for folk weddings and weddings. It is also a profession, and then gradually began to perform on the stage. What about suona?

Zero basic suona tutorial: how to learn suona well

How to pronounce suona

The sound of suona is mostly produced by the vibration of the reed. Through the vibration of the reed, the core and the wooden tube wall are conveyed. The suona can be said to be a difficult musical instrument for national musical instruments. The reed is the main sounding body. Because the reed is mostly made of reed, the thickness of the reed affects the timbre, and the length of the reed also affects the volume of the timbre. The short reed is loud and the long reed is beautiful. To learn suona well, first solve the problem of reeds. A good reed is the key to learning suona well.

The use of suona breath

The suona breath mostly adopts the double breathing method, also known as the natural breathing method. During the performance, the breathing volume is increased through the normal breathing state of the human being. The abdomen is used as the support point to control the vigor, and the lip is used to control the size of the breath. The lip force is mostly used to control the reed. Mouth size. The size of the mouth opening affects the tone and volume of the suona, and the mouth opening also determines the amount of breath, so the breath of the suona mainly determines the control of the suona by the abdomen and lips.

Fingering and Fingering of Suona

The finger shape of the suona is mostly the second joint of the finger as the hole for pressing. Generally, the finger cannot be used to press the hole. The belly of the finger is not beautiful at first. , rely on the base of the finger to swing up and down, the fingers relax naturally, and the joint at the root is also the key to improving the speed of suona playing. The general fingering of suona is divided into two types: one is to do 5 in the drum tone, that is, all the holes are arranged in order, and the other is to do the drum tone. 2. Arrange the scales in sequence, and all the openings are at the highest position of the scale. Of course, a suona can play a variety of tunes, and it is also a relatively wide range in wind music, so master the above basic knowledge to get started quickly with suona.

Involving musical instruments

Suona (pinyin: suǒ nà) is a Chinese double-reed woodwind instrument. Also called Suannai, trumpet, advocacy. The traditional suona is composed of five parts: whistle, air card, intruder, rod and bowl.

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