Rolling bead curtain (Xun)(xun sheet music)

Organized by 阿轺 on 2023-07-11
Rolling bead curtain (Xun)(xun sheet music) Rolling bead curtain (Xun) is organized by 阿轺 on 2023-07-11,You can use Xun to play; Through the music score provided by us, you will be able to master it skillfully and become a member of everyone.
The creative inspiration for this song comes from a Nordic anime that tells a poignant love story that deeply touches the creator. His original intention was to write an Irish tune, but after writing it, he found that although it had a little Irish flavor, it seemed more Chinoiserie style.
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Wang Houchen, male, was born on March 22, 1956 in Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province. His ancestral home is Laiyang, Shandong. National first-class performer. His performance is full of enthusiasm, bold and unrestrained, profound and delicate, and free to use; both explosive and artistic, so that he has gradually formed his own unique artistic style and artistic characteristics in the long-term artistic practice.
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Involving musical instruments

Xun (pinyin: xūn) is a closed-mouthed wind instrument unique to the Han nationality. It occupies an important position in the history of primitive art in the world.


Organized by 愛 on 2023-06-28
The 2022 Chinese National Music Inheritance and Publishing Project boutique publishing project "Translation and Annotation of Tanghu Xunpu" was recently published by Tianjin Ancient Books Publishing House. This is the first systematic compilation and proofreading of China's first Xunpu "Tanghu Xunpu".
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Organized by 小饼干 on 2022-08-26
Meet the romantic Taoxun, and slowly taste the intangible cultural heritage. Xun is an ancient wind instrument in my country with a history of six or seven thousand years. The Taoxun performance skills project was listed as the sixth batch of representative projects of intangible cultural heritage in Xi'an.
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Organized by 薄暮 on 2022-06-30
In our Ningjin County, Dezhou City, there is a xun maker, Pu Shutang, who is the representative inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of the Tanghu xun production process. Today we came to Pu Shutang's studio to experience the unique charm of Xun, an "earth" musical instrument.
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Organized by 不知桃夏 on 2022-06-20
In order to protect and inherit ancient xun performance skills, the "Xun Lefang", an intangible cultural heritage ancient xun inheritance and promotion organization authorized by the Fujian provincial representative project protection unit, officially opened classes on June 12, and at the same time in Xiamen City Hongkong. The inauguration ceremony of Shan Academy was held.
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Organized by 沈梦溪 on 2022-05-12
Li Yunlin, a famous domestic xun maker, is pruning the newly planted bittershui roses in the back garden of his studio. "After a while, I will build a small pavilion here, and in summer, I can take the children to play xun in the pavilion..."
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